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ROI 1.2% - 1.8% - 2.4% every day - principal is included Blog Deposit 1000$
Referral Program 5% - 3% - 2% - 1% Insurance $
Min Deposit 10$ RCB 2.5%
Min Payout 10$ Technical Data Script - GoldCoders LICENSE Hosting - DDOS-Guard (26 paying HYIPs) IP address: (Belize / Belize City) NS servers:, SSL - Sectigo RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA valid from 24 Aug, 2023 to 25 Aug, 2024 - Sectigo Limited
Payout Type Instant Payment Systems

I want to introduce you to an interesting and new investment project. Its name is Neura Zone. This platform is based on artificial intelligence, which is relevant today. The project is beautiful, it has moderate marketing, which will allow investors to earn money and also show good and long work.

I wrote a full review of this platform for you. And here we will analyze all the most important questions. How much can I earn? How to open a deposit? What currencies does the platform accept? etc.

Basic information

  • Platform with three investment plans up to 2.4% profit every day;
  • Daily accruals, 7 days a week;
  • Your deposit works until you get 200% back;
  • New promising project;
  • Instant payments;
  • Nice and convenient personal account of the site;
  • This platform is well prepared from the technical side and has unique design.

How NEURA ZONE makes money

Neura Zone is the first platform that uses artificial intelligence in trading to multiply cryptocurrencies. They created it’s own trading bot model. It can analyze the market and independently make trading decisions, adjusting to the daily market correction. The more investments in the company, the more % of the profit the trading bot receives.

The trading bot gets 98% accuracy in the results of obtaining accurate analysis indicators.

NEURA ZONE Advantages

This company is a leader in providing services for multiplying cryptocurrencies based on Artificial Intelligence.

  • Instant payments
    You can withdraw your profit at any time of the day if you have enough money on the balance of your personal account.
  • Low deposit and withdrawal amounts
    You will be able to open a deposit and withdraw money from the platform only with 10 USDT.
  • A large number of crypto systems
    You can find many currencies to open a deposit. We regularly update this list and add new ones.
  • Official registration
    Our company has an official registration for working with cryptocurrencies. Our certificate has been registered in Australia.

With Neura Zone, harness the power of AI to unlock the full potential of the crypto market and make informed investment decisions that will pave the way for your financial success.

❗️ However, do not forget that all investments on the Internet are high-risk. You can both earn and lose your money. Do not expect super profits or hope that you will make a profit forever. Any investment projects can stop payments at any time.

NEURA ZONE Marketing

This platform offers us three investment plans. The higher the amount of investment, the higher the profit you can get. Profit percentage is fixed. You will be able to receive profit 7 days a week, including holidays. All plans work until you get 200% back.

After creating an investment, you will receive a daily percentage in accordance with the selected tariff plan. There are three tariff plans to choose from: Start 1.2% per day, Pro 1.8% per day, Vip 2.4% per day. Each tariff plan will work indefinitely.

1.2 % Start Plan

According to this tariff you will receive 1.2% every day 7 days a week. You will not ger back your principal. Your deposit is included in payments. You can withdraw profit every. I advise you to start investing with this tariff. Here you can check the solvency of the project, as well as understand how the platform works.

  1. Min deposit – 10$
  2. Max deposit – 999$
  3. Duration – 167 days
  4. Accruals – Daily

1.8% Pro Plan

About the plan for more confident investors. According to this tariff you will receive 1.8% every day 7 days a week. You will be able to earn good profits on this plan, because the more you invest, the more you can get.

  1. Min deposit – 999$
  2. Max deposit – 9999$
  3. Duration – 112 days
  4. Accruals – Daily

2.4% Vip Plan

The VIP plan is designed for the most experienced investors who understand what investments are and are ready for the highest earnings. This tariff plan is designed for VIP clients. According to this tariff you will receive 2.4% every day 7 days a week.

  1. Min deposit – 9999$
  2. Max deposit – 100000$
  3. Duration – 84 days
  4. Accruals – Daily

You will receive 200% back. This is 100% net profit + 100% of your initial deposit.

Payment systems

This investment project provides big numbers of payment systems. You have the opportunity to open a deposit through the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Tether (TRC20), Tron, BNB, Ripple.

NEURA ZONE Deposit Limits

The following limits are set for the minimum and maximum deposit amount.

Minimum amount: 10 Tether TRC-20 , 0.005 BitCoin , 0.03 Ethereum , 1 LiteCoin, 200 DogeCoin , 135 Tron , 0.5 BNB , 100 Ripple.

NEURA ZONE Withdrawals Limits

Minimum amount: 10 Tether TRC-20 , 0.005 BitCoin , 0.03 Ethereum , 0.3 LiteCoin, 100 DogeCoin , 135 Tron , 0.15 BNB , 50 Ripple.

You can find information about limits in the FAQ section.

How to register in NEURA ZONE?

  • Firstly you need to follow my link to register on the platform
  • Click on the “Register” button in the upper right corner of the site;
  • To register, you need to come up with a username, email, and also come up with a password. Use only working mail to which you have access.
    Your login and password need to contain letters and numbers without spaces and be more then 3 characters.

❗️Be sure to check your invitation – Monetka. You can check this information on the main page of your personal account.

How to open a deposit?

Firstly log into your account using the username and password you entered during registration. Then you need to Click the “Staking” button.

Your steps on the page for opening investments:

  • Firstly you need to choose an investment plan.
  • Then you need to choose payment system.
  • After that, you need to write the amount you want to invest. Check your details. If everything is correct, then click on the “INVEST NOW” button.
  • You will see an application for opening a new deposit.

You can also use two deposit opening functions:

  1. open a deposit from a payment wallet
  2. make a reinvestment from the balance of your personal account

Steps for successful payment:

  1. Copy the wallet number of the platform where I need to send money
  2. Log in to your payment wallet
  3. Send the exact amount to the copied platform wallet
  4. Go to the platform and click the “I have paid” button

You need to transfer money to the wallet number that is written in the application. All investors can transfer money to this wallet only once. If you want to open a new deposit, you need to open a new application and send money to the wallet that will be written in the new application.

IMPORTANT! You cannot transfer money twice to the same wallet. Your deposit will not open!

Successful deposit

Your deposit will open automatically after your money is credited to the platform account. You can find your deposit in the “ASSETS” section of your personal account. There you can find information:

  1. deposit amount
  2. total profit received
  3. date of deposit creation and payment system
  4. as well as the time until the accrual of profit

You will receive your first profit 24 hours after opening the deposit.

IMPORTANT! You must transfer the exact amount indicated in the application. Your deposit will not be active if you transfer another amount. You will be able to see this amount only on your personal account. You can add money there and open a deposit for the desired tariff plan, or you can make a reinvestment for this amount that is on the balance of your personal account.

How to order a payment?

Firstly you need to save the wallet where you will withdraw your money. To do this, go to the “Settings” section. Find the desired wallet and save it.

Monetka Advise! Read my article – The best tokens for investment. Link.

You can be able to withdraw money after you have saved and checked that your payment wallet is correct.

  1. go to the “Withdrawal” section
  2. choose a payment system for withdrawing funds
  3. write the amount
  4. click the “withdraw funds” button

Do not forget about minimum payments on the platform.

The minimum withdrawal amount is: 10 Tether TRC-20 , 0.005 BitCoin , 0.03 Ethereum , 0.3 LiteCoin, 100 DogeCoin , 135 Tron , 0.15 BNB , 50 Ripple.

All payments are made instantly. The time of delivery of the cryptocurrency depends on the workload of the Blockchain network. Also, the project has no commissions for withdrawing funds.

I withdrew my money (45 USDT) to my crypto wallet. This is proof that the project is paying. I received my payout in a couple of seconds after ordering on the site. This is great!

I use Exodus crypto wallet. If you want to exchange money for cryptocurrency, you can do it here.


Get additional cash rewards for invited referrals. The platform believe in the power of connections and the value of referrals.

Bonuses for Bloggers and Investors

Let’s take a look at this section. This bonus system is calculated for each investor. Anyone can participate in it and receive cash rewards.

To my mind this is a great way to earn extra money on the platform. I will take part in all 3 directions and will be able to earn up to $610 from the Neura Zone.

Get up to $ 10

  1. You need to be proactive in writing reviews on different services.
  2. You must write posts about payouts from the company.
  3. The minimum number of reviews is 10.

Get up to $ 100

  1. Advertise our platform on your resources, such as: telegram channels, social networks, personal pages about investments, etc.
  2. You can get a bonus if you have active referrals.

The biggest: Get up to $ 500

  1. Write a full review on your own investment blog.
  2. You can get a bonus if you have active referrals.

A little number of platforms provide such excellent conditions for investors. I advise you to take part in the bonus system on this platform.

Bonuses for structure Leaders

In addition to the fact that the platform pays bonuses to active investors, administrators also pay Bonuses to Leaders. The cash reward will be credited to the balance of the personal account of the platform.

Bonus $ 100

  1. Your active deposit: YES
  2. Structure turnover: 5000 USDT
  3. Multiple accounts: NO
  4. Share your success on social networks: YES

Bonus $ 500

  1. Your active deposit: YES
  2. Structure turnover: 25000 USDT
  3. Multiple accounts: NO
  4. Share your success on social networks: YES

The biggest Bonus $ 1000

  1. Your active deposit: YES
  2. Structure turnover: 50000 USDT
  3. Multiple accounts: NO
  4. Share your success on social networks: YES

Social networks

The presence of social networks is a big plus for the platform and investors. This suggests that the company wants to develop, move forward and expand.

The project has such social networks as:

  1. Instagram
  2. Telegram channel
  3. Twitter
  4. Medium
  5. Youtube channel
  6. Pinterest
  7. Facebook


Security is very important in any place where you work with money, because you need to be sure that they are safe.

On this platform, I recommend immediately enabling 2 factor authentication. You can connect it to three sections:

  1. login
  2. edit account
  3. withdrawal

I highly recommend enabling security for the “edit account” section because that’s where you’ll save your payment details. No one can change your payment wallet without your code.


This project deserves to be considered for adding to your investment portfolio. I always offer projects that bring profit to me and my team. This project should be no exception. It should bring good profit for us. It has an interesting design, experienced administration, and moderate marketing.

This platform is well prepared, it has a lot of social networks. Amazing design has won my trust and interest in investing.

Disclaimer: This information is not investment advice. Assess the risks yourself before making any investment decisions.

P.S. Be sure that investing with Monetka Blog is profitable. For a quick communication with me, write to me in telegram.

Join to my telegram channel.


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