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Blog Instructions

Hello! I am glad to see you on blog instructions page. Monetka.blog – the latest information about the world of internet earnings.

I will help you understand the field of investing. On the site you will find profitable platforms, information about cryptocurrency, as well as educational articles on various topics, such as: the investment projects, reviews of payment wallets, currency exchange, earnings without investments, an investor’s dictionary and much more.

I select only exclusively high-quality projects that make a profit for you. I have been investing on the Internet since 2017. I can’t say that it’s easy, but every job can bring a good income if you put the best effort into it.

Let’s see what’s useful on my blog?

Earnings on investment platforms.

On the main page of my blog, you can find reviews of investment platforms of new products that have been recently added to the blog. As well as platform leaders who have already given investors a good profit. Also you can find projects with insurance, which I pay in case of losses from your investment. My blog can be useful for beginners and experienced investors both.

Useful articles and news from Monetka Blog

Also you will find a lot of information on the topic of investment. Relevant, educational and interesting themes will be collected in the “Articles” and “Latest News” sections. The articles contains more detailed information. You can choose an article of your choice: for beginners, everything about cryptocurrency, interesting and others. The news that is published daily on my blog will help you keep abreast of the latest cryptocurrency events as well as investment trends. Both sections are available on the blog home page.

Register on the blog. Why is it needed?

After registering, you will be able to get into your personal account. You will have the opportunity to order RCB and insurance in case of losses in investment projects. Also in your personal account you will find complete statistics on the orders of applications, as well as the total number of projects in which you participated, the amount of deposits, and more. To enter your personal account, you need to click on the “register” button on the main blog page, fill in all the lines and follow the next steps.

Currency exchange and where to keep your funds?

There is always an acute issue of storage and exchange of currencies. Do you want to exchange dollars for cryptocurrency and vice versa? How and where to do it? What wallet is better to choose so that my money is not stolen? How can I secure my funds from theft? The most common questions that concern any investor. I have put together two sections for you where you can find the latest information on this issue with links to trusted sources. Go ahead and share with your friends.

Is it possible to make money without investments?

I will answer you right away – YES, it’s real. Perhaps not as much as we would like, but I can say with confidence that you will be able to consistently pay for mobile communications. This type of earnings will not take much of your time. I will teach you how and where you can do it. This section is located on the main page of Monetka Blog, tab – earnings.


There are links to social networks on each page of the site . You can easily follow the latest news in a format convenient for you. Join please, everyone is important for me! Also, you can easily write to me any question that interests you in any of the available social networks. I will gladly listen to you and help with solving your problem. For a quick connect write me in telegram.

Сonclusion. Why blog instructions are needed?

Investing is one of the types of earnings that is rapidly developing every day and will always be relevant. I advise you to keep up with the times and increase your capital with my blog. My blog will help you keep abreast of the latest internet earnings news. Let’s make your first million together.