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Crypto exchange – CYBERBTC.COM

Today I will introduce you to a secure exchanger Сyberbtc.com. Here you can exchange your fiat funds for cryptocurrency and vice versa. Сyberbtc.com has been working since 2018. Makes a large number of exchanges around the world. I recommend this exchanger for making safe and fast transfers. Let’s take a look at how this site works and what services it provides.

Exchanger Cyberbtc Personal Area

First, you can register to track all your applications. To do this, you will need to enter your data, namely: name, surname, place of residence and email. After filling in the data, you need to go through the verification of your mail. To do this, you need to follow the link that will come to your email.

This is what a personal account looks like. In my opinion, it is simple and convenient.

Accept and exchange

This exchanger accepts and exchange a large number of currencies. You can choose one payment system and exchange to any other of this list.

It supports:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • Litecoin
  • Tether
  • ZixiPay
  • Perfect Money
  • Payeer
  • PayPal
  • Western Union
  • Moneygram
  • Cash USD
  • Bank Wire USD / EUR

Decent choice for an exchange with good conditions.

How to exchange cryptocurrency

First you need to choose from which payment system you will pay. After selecting you find an available list of currencies on which you can exchange your currency. Then you need to click on the green button “Order now” to select a currency pair for exchanging.

On some operations, you will be able to see the “automatically” icon. This means that you can exchange your money without the participation of an operator. Your funds will go to your wallet in automatic mode immediately after payment of your application. And also on the side you can find the current cryptocurrency rate and commission for the operation.

Next, you will see this page. For example, I took the exchange page from Bitcoin to Perfect Money. Here you need to specify the amount of transfer in Bitcoin and the Perfect Money wallet to which you will transfer money. After filling in the conditions, you need to click the “Сontinue” button.

Next, There will be a page “Review & Checkout” in front of you in the Exchanger Cyberbtc. You will see the exact amount that you will receive as a result of the exchange. In my case, I will receive 644 USD for 0.01 Bitcoin. Check your data for errors. In case of inconsistencies, you can correct them by clicking on the “edit” button. If your data is correct and you are ready to make an exchange, you need to click on the “Сheckout” button.

To make an exchange, you need to completely fill in information about yourself. You need to fill in the data once. Also in this exchanger there is a line for records. You can always use it if necessary. For example, you can ask the operator to notify you via telegrams about a successful transaction. After fulfilling all the conditions, feel free to click “Complete order”.

Payment for the transaction in Exchanger Cyberbtc

You will be presented with a page for making a transfer operation. You have two options to pay for the application.

The first is a wallet-to-wallet transfer. You need to copy the wallet address that I marked with a red line. This is the wallet address of the exchanger. You need to transfer the amount you specified (in my case, 0.01 bitcoin) to the address that will be indicated in your application. The wallet address for transfer is always unique for each application.

The second translation method is QR code. You can scan it through your wallet and the transfer page will automatically open for you.

IMPORTANT! The transfer is carried out without taking into account the commission. That is, the amount specified in your application should come to the exchanger’s wallet.

After your funds go to the wallet to Сyberbtc.com you will receive funds in automatic mode on Perfect Money. Also, you will see the history of the transaction in the line that I marked in red on the right photo.

Currency exchange completed

After paying for the application, you can go to your personal account, check its status and also see the availability of all your applications. As you can see, I already have one translation that we made today.


Currency exchange is a very important stage in investing. It is very important to choose quality services. There are a lot of cases of theft and fraud on the Internet, especially with cryptocurrency transactions. Remember that any crypto transactions CAN NOT be canceled.

If you have not found the desired exchange direction, you can search for it in another exchanger using this link.


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