Our deposit: 100$

ROI: 0.2% - 1000% after 7 - 1920days
RCB: -
Min. deposit/ Withdrawal: 1$/0.1$
Payout Type: manual up to 72 hours
Payment Systems:
Investment platform that have been working since January 28, 2014. It's very important for you to know that we are real traders and that we invest members' funds on major investments.
Start: 24.02.2014/On blog: 283 days
Percent of withdrawal: more then 25% profit


Our deposit: 100$

ROI: from 0.2% to 2%
RCB: -
Min. deposit/ Withdrawal: 25$/0,1$
Payout Type: Manual up to 72h
Payment Systems:
Solid Trade Bank is a financial institution with a long history. Like other banks with traditional principles our company aims to extract maximum from the opportunities we have while operating assets of our customers.
Start: 06.10.2013/On blog: 311 days
Percent of withdrawal:

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Test Platforms



Our deposit: 250$

ROI: from 6% to 17% per month
RCB: -
Min. deposit/ Withdrawal: 50$/20$
Payout Type: Realtime Withdrawal
Payment Systems:
We are building the meme based token that will power the future of the interactive entertainment industry worldwide. Shihtzu Exchange was born from South Korea in 2019. Shihtzu Exchange universe need to add transparency, improve security, and give customers full ownership of their digital assets called STZU. Within a vast digital metaverse & NFT Minting marketplace Shihtzu connecting people through high-quality virtual assets world.
Start: 12.11.2021/On blog: 63 days
Percent of withdrawal:


Our deposit: 120$

ROI: up to 0.66% per day
RCB: -
Min. deposit/ Withdrawal: 100 €$/100 €$
Payout Type: manual at Thursday and Sunday
Payment Systems:
THEMIG CLUB is a company based in Dubai, which is changing everything that has been done up today on the traditional and blockchain markets. Our highly qualified partners buy and sell currencies, carry out operations on the largest markets in the world such as Forex and Cryptocurrencies. In addition, the THEMIG CLUB company has its own ecosystem called TheMig that allows you to use, send and receive TMG cryptocurrency, as well as make instant purchases of products and services through the latest generation global marketplace. Renowned well-known entrepreneurs have invested in this concept, including the United Arab Emirates, through the Multinational A.F.C. Group.
Start: 01.09.2021/On blog: 80 days
Percent of withdrawal:


Our deposit: 100$

ROI: 1% - 100% after 1 - 100 days
RCB: 1.5%
Min. deposit/ Withdrawal: 10$/1$
Payout Type: Manual up to 72h
Payment Systems:
Esso Millanni INC online trading platform, developed by world-class leading experts, provides a lot of opportunities for both professionals and beginners. User-friendly interface is designed to trade all kinds of assets, including currency pairs, shares of major companies, cryptocurrencies, stock indices, metals, and raw materials. To improve the professional level of traders and strengthen the company reputation, we regularly participate in international conferences, seminars, and other events that allow us to be aware of the latest trends in trading and introduce innovative ways to improve the security of financial transactions.
Start: 20.02.2020/On blog: 184 days
Percent of withdrawal: received 13% profit

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