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The best tokens for investment

I have been investing for over 5 years. I have been in this field for a long time and can share my experience for less experienced investors. Today I want to discuss questions such as: What tokens is better to choose for investment? Which coin is more stable? How can I check where my money is after sending it to the investment platform.

The best tokens for investment

Many investment platforms only accept cryptocurrencies. Let’s figure out which is better to choose.

For more favorable investment conditions, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. commission amount for transfers
  2. minimum deposit amount
  3. the amount of the minimum payment from the investment project

Tether TRC-20

Tether TRC-20 is considered the most stable, profitable and best investment token. WHY? USDT TRC20 is a stablecoin. It is pegged to the dollar and is always equal to $1. The fall in the value of the cryptocurrency will not affect your profit because you will receive a fixed amount of dollars. USDT TRC20 is the TRON network. You may already know that this network has low commissions for transfers. Therefore, when investing this token, you can see the lowest minimum deposit amount. It’s usually $10-50. You can also withdraw profit from the platform with a minimum amount. This is usually from $10.

The Tron coin can also be included in this list. USDT TRC 20 and Tron do not have the same commission for transfers, and also the same wallet number.

An example of a USDT TRC 20 or Tron wallet is TWxYBHL5T7VtspFQgxxeyBKMGtRRhswL5b. It has the same length and always starts with the letter “T”.

The size of the fee when transferring these two coins depends on the workload of the Blockchain network. Usually it costs from 0.1$ to 1$.


Another example for a good investment is Dogecoin. This coin also has a low transfer fee. So I put it in second place. But it takes the second place only because the rate of the cryptocurrency is not stable. It can drop and after investing you can only increase the numbers of the Dogecoin.

Also, this coin always has a very low minimum withdrawal amount. Usually it is about $5 when converted from Doge.

Average Dogecoin Network Fee – 1 Doge (it is about 0.09$)

An example of a Dogecoin wallet is D6fcGtenrXghFJPGsmBBCc2ujFJZCkw5Mr. It has the same length and always starts with the letter “D”.

Unprofitable coins for investment

Yes, such coins also exist. They have high transfer fees as well as sometimes long transfer times. When using a low commission when sending, these coins can be delivered in several hours or days.


Topping my list of unwanted coins for investment is Ethereum. It has a high commission on transfers. Sometimes it can reach up to $150 in one transaction. This coin is serious, it takes the second place in the top cryptocurrencies. Only for this reason investor can choose this coin for investment.

USDT ERC 20 is a stablecoin. Its cost is always $1. This is a huge plus. It cannot fall or rise like other crypto coins. But this is the Ethereum network, and therefore the commission is also Ethereum.

USDT ERC 20 and Ethereum have the same wallet number. The approximate minimum amount for investment and withdrawal USDT ERC 20 and Ethereum in platforms is $100 – $150 (if converted to dollars).

An example of a Dogecoin wallet is 0x2849b620BcBB6c4C611f0bC157D5Fe268B25bc28. It has the same length and always starts with the letter “oх”.


The first top cryptocurrency Bitcoin always has a large minimum amount for investment in projects and a high commission for transfers. Investors who invest large sums may allow you to use it. Why not if the resulting profit will be much more commissions.

The approximate minimum amount for Bitcoin investment and minimum withdrawal is $70 – $100 when converted into dollars.

An example of a Dogecoin wallet is bc1q540hmbumgjwmqmcwfqsdksl5q50cqdga2nthmd. It has the same length and always starts with the letter “b”.

Where is my cryptocurrency

You opened a deposit application for an investment project and paid for it. Your money left your wallet but the deposit was not opened in the project? What to do and how to check where your money is?

Steps to check

  1. Find a transaction code (TXID) in your wallet from where you sent money
  2. Go to the official blockchain browser and check your transaction
  3. Write to the project support If your transaction has a full number of confirmations and is successful. You need to wait if it doesn’t have the full amount of shipping confirmation.

Transaction code (TXID)

The first thing you need to do is go to your wallet. Next, go to the transaction history and find your shipment. If you use Binance, then it will look like this. Here you can click on TXID and you will open a crypto browser.

If you do not have a clickable TXID then you can check it on these sites.

  1. TRC10 and TRC20 network – link
  2. Ethereum network – link
  3. Bitcoin network – link

I added links to check the coins I wrote about in the article. If you have others, you can search the crypto browser on the Internet.

Successful transaction

If your transaction was successfully sent and reached the recipient, then you will see such a page in the browser. In the screenshot you see a successful transfer that has all the evidence that the recipient received the money.

Pending transaction

If your transaction is in transit and has not yet been delivered to the recipient, then you will see such a page in the browser. Your deposit will be opened on the investment platform only after your transaction has been fully delivered to the recipient. The delivery time depends on the workload of the blockchain network. It usually takes from 1 minute to several hours.


In my article, I reviewed the best tokens for investment. Of course, there are more on investment platforms, but these are the most basic ones.

In my opinion the best tokens for investment are: Tether TRC20, TRON, Doge. Also I do not recommend using: Tether ERC 20, Ethereum, Bitcoin.

I advise you to look at the FAQ section when opening a deposit in an investment platform. There you can find the minimum amounts for investment and withdrawal. Try to choose coins with a minimum withdrawal amount. So you can withdraw profit more often.

Disclaimer: This article is not investment advice. Assess the risks yourself before making any investment decisions.
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