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FINANEX.NET have stopped paying

FINANEX.NET have stopped paying. Don’t invest!

This platform worked for 97 days. It let investors earn. Investors from my group and I joined the project on 01.02.2022. In terms of marketing, we earned 2.8% daily. We were in the project for 40 days. We were able to withdraw 112%, of which 100% was a deposit. So, by investing from 1 day after the project appeared on my blog, we were able to earn a 12% profit.

FINANEX.NET have stopped paying and I did not have insurance on this platform. Therefore, referrals from my team were able to earn here. I congratulate you.

You can find platforms with insurance here.

Reasons for FINANEX.NET closing

Administrator wrote in the chat that there was a big DDoS attack yesterday. Many deposits were not opened, and payments were not delivered. I think that for this reason the project had to be closed.


Investments are always associated with the risk of losing money. Investment platforms cannot work forever! Look for people who have more information than others. Look for people who have connections in the investment world and they start investing from the start or come in earlier than others. You have to be smarter if you want to make money here.

I’m glad to see you on my telegram channel. And also you can always write to me on a convenient communication channel.


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