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Additional information about – THEMIG CLUB

Hello. Today I want to share with you more information about THEMIG CLUB. I want you to pay attention to the platform as it has a good future. And so, let’s look at what the founders of the project created for us.

Brief information about the project

  • A project with an interesting design and excellent preparation
  • The start of the project was in September 2021
  • Official license to work in Dubai
  • PDF presentation in 4 languages
  • Daily profit up to 0.66%
  • Daily accruals, 7 days a week;
  • Plans payments methods – Bitcoin and Tether;
  • Withdrawal methods – Bitcoin and TheMig;
  • Availability of official representatives;
  • Availability of shops where you can buy jewelry
  • It is planned to open its own exchange in 2022
  • It is planned to add the possibility of buying houses/apartments for cryptocurrency in 2022
  • It has own stable coin – TheMig


Legal Documents

In the personal account of the company, we can find documents for the conduct of work.

  1. Business License
  2. Terms and Conditions
  3. Risk Disclaimer
  4. Complaints Policy
  5. Privacy Policy

TMG for Networkers and Customers

Also in the personal account of the company, we can find a PDF presentation in 4 languages. These are English, Spanish, Italian and German.

The presentation is interesting and detailed. There we can find all the important information about the platform. I want to share with you a few pages from the presentation.

About Us


On this page, we were introduced to the creators of the platform. Namely: Executive Director AFC, CMO TMC, and CNO TMC

TheMIG StableCoin

TheMIG is a StableCoin created for large companies and platforms that want to have access to the advantages, security and speed offered by blockchain technology, but cannot take the risks associated with the high volatility of traditional cryptocurrencies, which can fluctuate drastically every day. Its appreciation is sustained in a real economy with a value equivalent to the Euro (EUR), and it has its entire ledger published on the Blockchain, making it indestructible and incorruptible.

TheMIG Marketing

This project has 1 tariff plan. It involves earning up to 0.66% per day.

The plan has an activation fee. It is equal to 10% of the amount for plans from 100 to 500 €. If this threshold is exceeded, the rate is fixed at 50 €/plan. For example, for a €300 plan you will pay €330, for a €2000 plan you will pay €2050, etc.

All plans expire after 12 months or upon reaching 3x the cost (if you are building a structure).

Daily Bonus that you earn from your investment

  1. Up to 6.66 euro per day
  2. Up to 66 euro per day
  3. Up to 330 euro per day
  4. Up to 660 euro per day

TheMIG payment methods

Plans payment methods – Bitcoin and Tether BER20

TheMIG Withdrawal methods

Withdrawal methods – Bitcoin and TheMig

You will be able to withdraw your profit in 100% Tether. Referral commission is 80% Tether and 20% TheMIG Stable Coin.

Withdrawal conditions

All withdrawals will cost 5% of the withdrawn amount.

Withdrawal days Thursday and Sunday.

Final Page

TheMIG Social media

You can join social networks in telegrams and follow the news there.

  1. Telegram Italy
  2. Telegram English
  3. Telegram Spain
  4. Telegram Germany
  5. Telegram Russia
  6. Telegram France

I advise you to join social networks. There you can find interesting news about the project, as well as see what success the leaders of the platform are achieving.


I will offer you projects like this one for investment. It is: large-scale, has unique investment conditions, different domain names for its services, has its own stores for buying gold items, apartments and more. The project opened recently, for this reason I decided to add it to my blog. Projects like this usually take a year or more to complete. I expect to get a good profit by investing in this platform.

Disclaimer: This inforation is not investment advice. Assess the risks yourself before making any investment decisions.

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