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Is it possible to earn on investment service?

Ⓜ️ Investment service has been a controversial topic for a long time. Some investors manage to earn big money, while others lose all their investments. This article will focus on investment sites that offer a profit after time. Today, not everyone understands the term “investment project”. You can figure out what kind of animal it is in this article. What it is eaten with, whether are there any risks of working in this area? We will also analyze the main question – is it possible to make money on investments on the Internet.

The minning of “investment project”?

This term means a site that provides investment services with further profit making after a certain period of time. The project is a large-scale site that works on the principle of a pyramid . The first investors earn on the funds of other investors who registered and invested later. These often includes online projects, but there are also offline organizations that work in the same way.

Through the Internet, the financial pyramid has acquired a simple scheme for implementing the work of an investment project. Such platforms are considered illegal in many countries, since the state does not benefit from its content. But there are also places where they work without obstacles. In addition, almost everywhere developers do not advertise their personal data, and also buy documents to conduct real activities in other countries.

How an investment service works

Many people who are familiar with investing, financial organizations, have heard about the scheme developed in 1920 by C. Ponzi, and named after him. The developer of such a project creates a platform that provides for fairly high investment returns, in contrast to those offered by the state. On average, the return on investment platforms assumes 0.2 – 5% daily.

In most cases, project creators indicate on the site the location of the organization, which does not exist in real life. You will have a real opportunity to meet personally with a representative office of an investment company, only in case of creating a large platform. Most of the projects are positioned as investment funds with a fictional legend of earning income. In such sites, investors can invest and receive profit from their investments. But some developers are carrying out real activities aimed at increasing the project’s cash reserves (for example: getting a profit from cryptocurrency exchange transactions). In fact, in most cases, promotion is carried out through modern marketing tools. These include: social networks, banners, advertising on resources, promotion on financial forums, buying press releases, as well as video reviews of famous bloggers. All projects are focused on the emotional qualities of the investor, for example, financial independence through many years of experience in this kind of platforms.

Investors can take Payments really long time. But when the inflow of new investments cannot cover the costs of payments, they stop, and the project is closed. It means, that the last comers lose their money without receiving dividends. Also, it can be noted that the creator can independently close his project for unspecified reasons at any time.

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Types of investment sites

In most cases, the period of the project’s existence is determined by the percentage of profitability for investors. This parameter divides such platforms into several types.

Highly profitable (FAST projects)

It assumes high interest income daily paid . On average, it varies from 5 to 50%. Such projects often run from several hours to several days. This aspect makes this type of investment extremely risky, since often investors simply do not have time to withdraw their money before the program closes.

It is possible to make money in fasts if you follow the following recommendations:

  1. opening investments as close as possible to the start of the project (time goes by hours and minutes);
  2. invest for the shortest possible time;
  3. don’t abuse reinvestment.

I do not invest in projects of this kind due to the high risk of losing money. I also do not advise you to do this. Such sites are designed for people with a great desire to get a lot at once. Experience shows that this does not happen.

Medium income

Such projects pay depositors from 0.8% to 3% dividends daily on average. They often function from one month to half a year. It is important to correctly build a strategy for maintaining the flow of funds for the developer of a medium-income project.

This section has moderately high risks. Therefore, I advise you to consider mid-income platforms to add to your investment portfolio. One of the main rules for entering the site is investing as close to the start as possible, as well as the choice of well-prepared content from the technical as well as the visual side.

Low income

They are among the most reliable projects with the lowest risks for investors. But they expect significantly less income. Often, dividend payments are made once a week in the amount of 0.2% – 3% per week. However, the lifetime of such HYIPs can be several years.

I recommend this section for investment. Don’t forget about this good words: free cheese is only in a mousetrap. Also in investments. It is not realistic to earn extra profits too quickly.

Who and how develops in the investment field?

The creation of a project completely depends on the intentions of the administrator. If a serious project is being prepared, then this will take a long time and not a small amount. The preparation time varies from at least one month to three to four or more. Also, the approximate amount for preparation starts from $ 2000 . When a large project is being prepared, you can be sure that it will not close in a couple of days, since the forces on its preparation will be too great to do this. As a rule, such platforms give a good profit to investors, as well as to the creator, who receives a percentage of the cash.

Also, the administrator can create a simpler investment project, and “not spent” . Such platforms will not require a significant budget and development team. There are many scripts with which it’s really to make a project with minimal capital. You shouldn’t expect big profits and long-term work from such platforms.

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Affiliate Program

One of the main tasks of a developer in project’s promoting is to constantly attract new investors. One of the tools is the affiliate program.

After the development of the project, an advertising campaign is carried out. The first investors attract new investors themselves, counting on referral registration and a small income from them. That is, the program starts working at the expense of those who invest. Each new investor seeks to “bring” new investors to the project who will bring him interest income.

It should be noted that some platforms provide good earnings the administrator and the investors both. Others close at a loss for the developer.

Signs of investment projects

  • High profitability
    High interest on payments for investments, unattainable in the conditions of the state market. Payout platforms provide a balanced payout system.
  • Lack of documents confirming monetary manipulations
    Money transactions do not include verification and electronic checks. Money transfer is carried out through cryptocurrency, as well as electronic non-government wallets.
  • Lack of information
    It is impossible to find information on the site about the real founder of the organization, existing offices, working phones and other things. Even if it is present, in most cases it is a fiction.

Signs of a quality platform

A high-quality investment project should provide an opportunity for minimum earnings to those investors who were firstly invest their funds. This term is called – investment circle.

You need to competently approach the study of information about the site before investing. You need to understand its working conditions and time of payments. It is optimal if the platform provides investors with the opportunity to invest small amounts with receiving less than 3% profit per day. Also, payments must be made on a daily basis or on weekdays.

You do not need to work with services where there are obvious errors in the site.

A functioning investment project must provide technical support on the website and in social networks. Technical support specialists must be qualified and courteous. Otherwise, it will negatively affect investor confidence.

One of the qualities of a good platform is the uniqueness of the script, as well as the design of the project. Second-hand projects are not trusted. If the developer saves on the project, a quick stop of payments will follow.

Affiliate program dividends must not exceed 8% – 10% . Large percentage of payments can lead to a rapid outflow of funds, and as a result, the prompt closure of the project. Therefore, working projects often assume a well-thought-out functioning mechanism.

A good investment project is also distinguished by progressive development, promotion in other countries. This allows for a constant influx of investors. A large amount of advertising at the initial stages of project development is a sign of fragility. In the future, the developer will find it difficult to search for a large number of new contributors. As a result, the moment will quickly come when there will be a shortage of funds for payments.

Scam Signs

Regarding investments, scam is the term denotes the completion, stop of payments.

The main sign of a scam is a partial or complete stop of cash payments to investors. , The project may work for deposits for some time. It offer investors updates, or it may not be available. For example, the service may say that it is planned to restart the project and open a new payment system in the near future. Also, the administration can indicate various reasons, up to the passage of verification. There can be changes in the conditions of investment and changes in the conditions of funds. You should not trust these tricks, and especially invest in these situations, additional funds if asked.

Closing reasons

The reasons for scam can be:

  • The inflow of new investments exceeds the cost of payments;
  • Investors began to withdraw money en masse. It occurs due to failures in the functioning of payment systems, rumors about the onset of a scam;
  • Seasonal aspects governing the reasons for massive withdrawals. For example, it can be holidays, when people do not invest, but withdraw money from services;
  • There is no dynamics of project development, when it is impossible to attract new investors, and therefore it is not possible to make payments to depositors;
  • Hacker attacks on websites, which can be both real and fictitious. These services store significant amounts of funds;
  • Economic aspects affecting people’s ability to invest.

❗️ The reasons can be different. But it is very important to monitor the development of the site in which funds are invested, because payments are not made after scam. And investors can continue to invest.

Duration of operation

Such projects can work from one day to several years. Of course, this factor is primarily governed by the tasks of the developer, the investment strategy. If the creator wants to get revenue quickly, he will not think of a competent marketing strategy. The organizer will simply launch a massive advertising campaign, make money and close the project.

If the creator strives for a stable income, large earnings, then a normally functioning resource will provide for a balanced payment system. It can exist from six months to several years with a gradual increase in the number of contributors and measured development of the project.

Methods of making money

Of course, such projects are more related to high-risk earnings, where a certain type of activity is imitated. But some investors still manage to earn impressive sums through investing. Detailed and competent monitoring of such projects is becoming an important aspect. Also an important condition is the selection of a site with competent management, which will work at least for several months. You also need to take into the possibility of payments for affiliate programs, which allows you to receive additional income.

When striving to make money, you need to focus on the principle of investing in a high-quality investment project and getting a lower income than taking into account losses. This method of making a profit is less risky. It is better to divide the portfolio among several projects, preferring more recent ones. This will minimize the risks. When one project close, some of your funds will work in another.

Main investment risks

The investor will be at a loss if he does not withdraw funds from the project before it is closed. The difficulty is that all projects do not work forever . Make high profits and find the right time to withdraw your investment is not easy. Therefore, you need to invest in new projects at the initial stages of their development while preliminary conducting a detailed audit, as well as monitoring in the process of working with these projects.

It is not so difficult to carry out the development of projects today. There are ready-made scripts, but they increase the risks of illiterate management, as well as quick closure. If the administrator does not have the necessary skills, he will not be able to increase the flow of investments, as well as recoup the costs of creating a project. It is important to correctly approach the study of information about the resource platform, if you want to invest.

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An investment project is a financial pyramid, through which you can only make a competent choice , as well as a timely withdrawal of funds. It is important to understand that a highly risky type of earnings, where all aspects become significant. Some of them are: investment strategy, the uniqueness of the resource, the conditions of deposits, payments, etc. Therefore, the main requirement is a competent, detailed audit of all parameters. Feel free to chat and ask additional questions for a more complete understanding of how the project works.

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