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How to check check website traffic

We will look at the analysis of investment platform traffic in this article. You will learn how you can check website traffic. This important stage makes it possible to understand at what stage of development the project is. If website traffic is growing, don’t worry. An experienced administrator is developing in the right direction and will not close a project that is profitable. A sign for reflection will be the drop in attendance. Do not forget that an investment platform cannot work forever. In the case when the capital outflow becomes greater than the inflow, the project stop paying.

Why does an investor need an analysis of investment platform traffic?

The consequences of buying advertising can be a rapid increase in project traffic. Such a graph can tell us that a large number of new investors are interested in the platform. It is important that growth is maintained at the same level it has reached. Ideally, the schedule should be stepped and go from smallest to largest. If you notice a large growth trend, take your time to invest. Watch the development of the project for a couple of days, or even weeks.

I do not advise you to invest in this investment platform in case of a sharp drop in attendance. The reason for the recession may be the close closure of the project. A large number of investors have lost interest in this site, and perhaps the creator decided to close the project for his own reasons.


Invest in those projects, the administrator of which knows how to competently manage the flow of new investors. To fully understand the amount of traffic you need to check website traffic. I advise to use the tools below. It should be noted right away that the dynamics of attendance is relevant only for medium and low-income projects. Since they live for a long time, and services can show the real picture of what is happening.

To analyze site traffic, you can use the following services:

*For example, I took a stable investment project ZION-FINANCE.COM for traffic analysis.

A complete overview of the ZION-FINANCE.COM project at this link on my blog.


Similarweb is used as an auxiliary tool for analyzing the traffic of an investment platform in order to get a detailed and comprehensive analysis of any site.

The main advantage of Similarweb is the ability to research sites around the world. In order to start analyzing the site, you need to go to the site and enter the address of the project in the search box. After a few minutes you will get the desired result. To search for data, we need to enter the domain of the resource.

It is an online service that shows similar data, but is also recommended for use. Namely:

  1. Overview traffic statistics.
  2. The total number of visitors, as well as the average length of stay on the site. Here you can see that the total number of visitors on August 7, 2021 to ZION-FINANCE.COM is 52.16K
  3. Statistics of visits by country in graphical form (indication of regions on the world map) and in percentage distribution. The largest traffic of the ZION-FINANCE.COM platform is from Russia. It is 44%.
  4. Sources of traffic (direct visits, transitions from sites, from search, from social networks, etc.) in the form of diagrams indicating the percentage of each part of the total. ZION-FINANCE.COM marketing strategy is focused on Direct with 37.52% of traffic coming from this channel, followed by Mail with 30.45%
  5. Sites with the most links to the resource we are looking for. Top Referring Site is hyip.biz
  6. Statistics of data on visitors from social networks. 51.86% of traffic give Social Network VKontakte.

Similarweb developers offer 2 versions: free (with a common set of tools) and paid – SimilarWeb Pro for detailed resource research. This service supports a large number of languages of the site versions.

Alexa website ranking

Alexa Rank is a global ranking system that ranks millions of sites by popularity. This service is a subsidiary of Amazon. The purpose of the service is to collect website traffic statistics. With the help of the service you can check website traffic.

Alexa provides statistics for free, and can also display them digitally and graphically. The Alexa Rank provides traffic data for the past three months from millions of users.

Information you can find using Alexa:

  1. Website traffic
  2. Average time of users on the site
  3. Bounce rate
  4. Time spent
  5. Availability of international traffic
  6. The total number of viewed pages

Site rating positions are indicated in numerical terms. The minimum indicator is one. This tool analyzes data from all over the world. The best web resources are projects with international status. The most authoritative and best is Google. A lower indicator gives sites certain advantages when selling advertising space on the site.

Alexa has objective information about the popularity and usefulness of any resource on the web. But a detailed view of data on a resource is possible only when its rating is above 100,000.

There are two ways to find out your Alexa ranking:

  1. You can download the Alexa Toolbar plugin from the link
    to install you need to click “Install Alexa Toolbar”, and follow the instructions on the screen.
    In order for Alexa to get site traffic statistics, users must install the Alexa toolbar in their browser. To get Alexa statistics, every internet user must install and use this toolbar. Therefore, in my opinion, Alexa is not a very important indicator of site development.
  2. Using the site. To search, you need to insert the desired site address and click on “Run Alalisis”

Detailed statistics will open in front of you. To analyze the attendance schedule, scroll down the page. In the “traffic statistics” section, you will see the place in the rating. For example, I took the popular investment project ZION-FINANCE.COM. The Alexa rank is 21.613. On the right, you will be able to find a map showing the percentage of the main countries that are traffic sources. As you can see from our example, 27% of the platform’s visitors are Russians.

A low rating on the Alexa Rank service indicates a high popularity of the site. For example, the website with the Alexa score of 1 is the most visited. And the one that is estimated at “100,000” refers to the low-attendance.

Top Sites list of Alexa

In Alexa you can find the sites in the top Sites list that are ordered by their 1 month Alexa traffic rank. The 1 month rank is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors and page views over the past month.

Disadvantages of Alexa

Alexa can only collect data from those visitors who have installed a special Alexa extension, scripts to track the number of visits, or special widgets. But we are well aware that these applications cannot be installed by every ordinary user. Therefore, there will be many sites that get low rankings with high traffic volumes.

Yandex Wordstat

Another way to check website traffic. Yandex Wordstat is an automatic and free Yandex service that allows you to determine the popularity of search queries over a certain period of time. This is another of the tools that allows you to conduct a reliable analysis of the investment platform. The service is absolutely free.

This service takes into account not only the selection of keywords, but also with its help you can analyze requests for:

  1. Frequencies;
  2. Popularity in different regions;
  3. Seasonality.

In order to use this service, you need a registered Yandex Mail account. After creating it, you will be able to fully use the Wordstat service. To do this, you need to go to the site and write the request of interest in the search bar.

You will see request statistics. Statistics allow you to group requests by week and month, as well as by the choice of device from which the request is made. In order to see the dynamics of changes in the search, you need to check the box next to the “Query History” tab, which is located next to the search bar.

Then you can see the following graph:

Below you can find statistics in numerical format.

In this example, we can see the number of searches on the ZION-FINANCE.COM platform. This project is developing and people want to know more information about it. This growth in requests indicates a competent advertising campaign.


In this article, I told you how to check website traffic. I recommend this service for is analyzing the traffic of an investment platform. Yandex Wordstat will help you see the statistics of keyword searches for a certain time. In the case of an increase in the statistics of requests, we can understand that the project is developing in the right direction. But, the decline in search queries does not tell us about the approaching closure of the investment platform. Yandex Wordstat is just one of the analysis tools that helps to put together the big picture.


An important step in evaluating an investment platform is analyzing the traffic. In order to understand at what stage the project is, I advise you to use all three services. The data on them may differ.

If you have any questions, you can always contact me using convenient communication channels.


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