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money exchange

Short term trading

How you can make money on short term trading and why it is better for inexperienced investors to forget about this method.

An investor can earn on the difference in quotes in two ways. The first is a long position. In this case, the investor plays long and buys shares in order to then sell them at a higher price. A short term trading means that when trading securities, the investor earns on the fall of the stock. In this article, I will tell you how traders make millions on such transactions.

How to make money on depreciating stocks

A short position is of interest to the investor, since, as a rule, shares become cheaper faster than they rise in price, and with the right choice, the profit of a bear can be really serious.

To open a short position, an investor borrows shares from a broker against the security of money in the hope that the securities of this particular company are overvalued and their value will fall in the near future.

The investor then buys the shares at the current price and then waits for them to fall in price. It is assumed that when and if the share price does fall, then the investor buys the same amount of securities that he borrowed, but at a reduced price.

Before choosing a company whose shares can be shorted, a competent investor thoroughly studies its history, financial statements and finds the key risks that threaten the company.

The investor receives profit from the difference between the purchase price and the sale price. That is, you could borrow shares from a broker and sell them for $10. The stock then went down to $5, at which point you sold it. So your profit was $5. True, from this profit you will pay a small commission to the broker. In addition, if you suddenly return the shares when they pay dividends, the broker may require you to pay them too.

It is worth noting that selling shares from your own portfolio cannot be a short position. When you sell shares that you bought earlier rather than borrowed, you are closing out a long position.

Shorting pros

An experienced investor who correctly predicts the behavior of the securities of a particular company can earn very serious money on shorting. A textbook example of successful shorting is George Soros’s game against the pound sterling in 1992. Soros managed to earn $ 1 billion on the “black environment”.

What are the risks of short term trading

The problem is that a short position cannot be opened for a long period. This means that after the expiration of a predetermined period, you will still need to return the borrowed shares to the broker – regardless of whether the securities have fallen in price or not. Therefore, if the shares that you bought at $5 rose in price to $10, then in this case your loss, not profit, will be $5.

This is one of the main risks of a short position. When you buy stocks in the hope that they will rise in price, then your losses are limited – if you spent $100, and the securities fell to zero, then you will not lose more than $100.

In the case of a short, your loss can be anything, because the stock can rise in price from $100 to $1000, and you will have to buy them at this price in order to repay the broker.

An example is the recent situation with investors from Reddit. They specifically bought large quantities of shares of companies that, according to investment funds, should have become cheaper. Due to the actions of the participants in the popular forum, the value of the shares of companies such as the AMC cinema chain and the game retailer GameStop, on the contrary, began to rise.


According to some estimates, shorts have lost about $5 billion due to the rise in GameStop stock alone.


Another example of an unsuccessful short is the story of the relationship between investor Jim Cheinos and electric car manufacturer Tesla. Cheinos has been betting Tesla shares for five years. According to the investor, the first four years everything was not bad. Then in 2020 the shares of the company headed by Elon Musk have risen in price by 700%. “It was very painful,” admitted a well-known short who made $500 million shorting Enron stock in the early 2000s.

In addition, going short is not only risky for the investor, but also for the broker who lent you the stock. Therefore, the broker may set certain conditions for the borrower. For example, a broker determines how much money a client’s brokerage account must have in order to open a short position. Moreover, the broker can forcibly close a short position if the stock suddenly starts to rise. The share price at which the position can be closed forcibly is also negotiated in advance.

Another nuance is that not all stocks are open for a short position. The short trader’s choice is limited to the most liquid securities.

What is short term trading squeeze

Such a situation, as in the case of GameStop, can lead to a short squeeze.

A short squeeze occurs when the stock of a particular company suddenly rises in price, and several short sellers are forced to close the position at once in order to minimize losses.

This can push the price even higher, which will attract the interest of ordinary investors to the securities, who are also starting to buy. In this case, the remaining short sellers are forced to buy shares even at a completely unfavorable price. Thus, the price can rise for a long time, and short sellers will find themselves in a very significant minus.

How to protect yourself when use short term trading

It is better for a novice investor not to try to make money on a short position, as this is simply too risky an option.

To avoid big losses, experienced investors use stop-losses – exchange orders that allow you to automatically sell shares when they reach a certain price.

Also, the same rule applies to a short position as to investing in general – don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.


What is short term trading, or short?

A short position, or “short”, means that when trading securities, the investor earns on the fall of the shares that he borrowed from the broker.

How much can you earn on shorts?

An experienced investor who correctly predicts the behavior of the securities of a particular company can earn very serious money on shorting. A textbook example of successful shorting is George Soros’s game against the pound sterling in 1992. Soros managed to earn $ 1 billion on the “black environment”.

What are the risks of a short position in trading?

The problem is that a short term trading cannot be opened for a long period. This means that after the expiration of a predetermined period, you will still need to return the borrowed shares to the broker – regardless of whether the securities have fallen in price or not. Therefore, if the shares that you bought at $5 rose in price to $10, then in this case your loss, not profit, will be $5.

Disclaimer: This article is not investment advice. Assess the risks yourself before making any investment decisions.
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Crypto exchange – CYBERBTC.COM

Today I will introduce you to a secure exchanger Сyberbtc.com. Here you can exchange your fiat funds for cryptocurrency and vice versa. Сyberbtc.com has been working since 2018. Makes a large number of exchanges around the world. I recommend this exchanger for making safe and fast transfers. Let’s take a look at how this site works and what services it provides.

Exchanger Cyberbtc Personal Area

First, you can register to track all your applications. To do this, you will need to enter your data, namely: name, surname, place of residence and email. After filling in the data, you need to go through the verification of your mail. To do this, you need to follow the link that will come to your email.

This is what a personal account looks like. In my opinion, it is simple and convenient.

Accept and exchange

This exchanger accepts and exchange a large number of currencies. You can choose one payment system and exchange to any other of this list.

It supports:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • Litecoin
  • Tether
  • ZixiPay
  • Perfect Money
  • Payeer
  • PayPal
  • Western Union
  • Moneygram
  • Cash USD
  • Bank Wire USD / EUR

Decent choice for an exchange with good conditions.

How to exchange cryptocurrency

First you need to choose from which payment system you will pay. After selecting you find an available list of currencies on which you can exchange your currency. Then you need to click on the green button “Order now” to select a currency pair for exchanging.

On some operations, you will be able to see the “automatically” icon. This means that you can exchange your money without the participation of an operator. Your funds will go to your wallet in automatic mode immediately after payment of your application. And also on the side you can find the current cryptocurrency rate and commission for the operation.

Next, you will see this page. For example, I took the exchange page from Bitcoin to Perfect Money. Here you need to specify the amount of transfer in Bitcoin and the Perfect Money wallet to which you will transfer money. After filling in the conditions, you need to click the “Сontinue” button.

Next, There will be a page “Review & Checkout” in front of you in the Exchanger Cyberbtc. You will see the exact amount that you will receive as a result of the exchange. In my case, I will receive 644 USD for 0.01 Bitcoin. Check your data for errors. In case of inconsistencies, you can correct them by clicking on the “edit” button. If your data is correct and you are ready to make an exchange, you need to click on the “Сheckout” button.

To make an exchange, you need to completely fill in information about yourself. You need to fill in the data once. Also in this exchanger there is a line for records. You can always use it if necessary. For example, you can ask the operator to notify you via telegrams about a successful transaction. After fulfilling all the conditions, feel free to click “Complete order”.

Payment for the transaction in Exchanger Cyberbtc

You will be presented with a page for making a transfer operation. You have two options to pay for the application.

The first is a wallet-to-wallet transfer. You need to copy the wallet address that I marked with a red line. This is the wallet address of the exchanger. You need to transfer the amount you specified (in my case, 0.01 bitcoin) to the address that will be indicated in your application. The wallet address for transfer is always unique for each application.

The second translation method is QR code. You can scan it through your wallet and the transfer page will automatically open for you.

IMPORTANT! The transfer is carried out without taking into account the commission. That is, the amount specified in your application should come to the exchanger’s wallet.

After your funds go to the wallet to Сyberbtc.com you will receive funds in automatic mode on Perfect Money. Also, you will see the history of the transaction in the line that I marked in red on the right photo.

Currency exchange completed

After paying for the application, you can go to your personal account, check its status and also see the availability of all your applications. As you can see, I already have one translation that we made today.


Currency exchange is a very important stage in investing. It is very important to choose quality services. There are a lot of cases of theft and fraud on the Internet, especially with cryptocurrency transactions. Remember that any crypto transactions CAN NOT be canceled.

If you have not found the desired exchange direction, you can search for it in another exchanger using this link.

Crypto exchange – 365cash

Today I will tell you about crypto exchange without risks. In my article we will look at the exchanger – 365cash. The question of currency exchange often arises. How to exchange dollars for cryptocurrency and vice versa? Where to do it without risks, quickly and with a minimum commission.

Information about сrypto exchange 365cash.co

This exchanger has earned the trust of many users. It has been working since 2015. They have made more than 2.3 million exchanges. And also an important criterion is the speed of currency exchange. It is about 13 minutes at 365cash.co. Excellent result.

We are working to make exchange operations with cryptocurrencies fast, safe and profitable for people, and we strive for blockchain technologies to become an integral part of the life of our society!

The company carries out only exchange operations with currencies at this period of time.


  1. Professional support
    Our professional support team is experienced and responsive guys who are ready to help you at any time and make the exchange process easy and enjoyable.
  2. You can make money with us
    In addition to a simple and straightforward exchange, our bitcoin exchanger gives you the opportunity to earn money by participating in our partner programs and loyalty programs that are maximally customer-oriented.
  3. More than 10,000 thousand reviews on independent sites.
  4. More than 71,000 regular satisfied customers.

Exchange options

Let’s look at the main question. What exchanges does this company make.


* Crypto includes: Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitcoinCash, Zcash, Litecoin, DASH.

How to make crypto exchange

You need to register to start working with this company. You can do this by following this link.

To register, you need to specify your username, mail and come up with a password. Next, you will be taken to your personal account, which will contain information about you and your operations.

Steps for crypto exchange

You will be able to find two columns on the main page 365cash.co. The first is the currency we are giving away. The second is the currency that we receive.

For example: I want to to receive Tether (TRC20) and give Perfect Money 200 USD.


To complete the transaction, you need to indicate the exact amount that you want to receive or give. In my case, I write that I want to receive $100 in Tether. And also you need to write your wallet number from which you will pay and to which your future funds will come.

As you can see, the company’s commission for services is about $12.

Hint from Monetka: if you want to receive Tether, it is better to exchange it through the TRC20 network. There are lower transfer fees.


Then I press the “Exchange” button.

We take to the exchange page. Here we need to check the correctness of the wallets again. When you find mistakes, you can always fix them. At the top of the page, you can find the exchange rate. In my case, it is: 1 Tether USDT = 1.05509 Perfect Money.

If all your details are entered correctly, we press the “Continue” button.


At this page, we need to agree with the rules, privacy policy, and the terms and conditions of the company. You can read the terms of each document by clicking on the link. If everything is ok, then we put a tick, press the exchange button and go to the next stage.


After clicking “PAY” button, you will be redirected to the payment page from your wallet. This is the last exchange page. Therefore, once again make sure that the entered data is correct.


At this stage, we are in our wallet, from which we need to send funds to the 365cash.co account. You do not need to enter any data of the exchanger. The wallet for the transfer will be automatically created in the application. After entering the data, I press the pay button.


After the transition and payment of the application, we again get to the exchanger page. Our application is in progress status. We are waiting for the funds to arrive at the 365cash.co account and the operator will process our request.


And finally, my transfer was completed. I transferred funds to the Binance exchange. The waiting time was 8 minutes. Excellent speed of transfers is good news.

Also on the exchanger page we see that the status of our request has changed to “finished”. Yes this is true. We received the service quickly and efficiently.


I recommend this exchanger for performing currency exchange. It works stably for a long time. Also, the processing speed of applications is very high. A large number of positive reviews tell us about the quality of the services provided. You can safely trust this company and are not afraid of exchanging funds. If you have any questions, you can contact me for help.