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Today (29.08.2022) I received Instant Payment from investment platform SHIHTZU.EXCHANGE


I have a ULSAN deposit for 9 months. This is the name of the tariff plan. I bought it for $100.

Every day I get the same percentage of accrual. I get 0.23$. Over the entire period of investment, I managed to save up about $40. Today I want to withdraw it from the project to my investment wallet.

SHIHTZU EXCHANGE payment proof

To withdraw funds, I went to the “WITHDRAW & ACCOUNTS” at the main menu in the “WITHDRAW” section. With the help of this section, I was able to withdraw money without exchanging Shihtzu token inside my personal account. I withdrew the money immediately to my wallet.

Min withdraw is 20 TRC20_USDT. The withdrawal fee is 5% of the withdrawal amount.

To withdraw funds, I indicated the amount to be withdrawn and the wallet number. After creating the application, I received a code by mail. I had to insert this code to confirm the withdrawal of funds.

The output was in instant mode. This means that I received the money within a minute after the order.


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For 5 months of investing with the help of $100, I managed to save up about $40. I was able to withdraw money to my wallet in instant mode. You can find a screenshot of the payment confirmation in this news. The project successfully pays and develops. I recommend this investment project to add to your investment portfolio.

Disclaimer: This news is not investment advice. Assess the risks yourself before making any investment decisions.

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