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Return of BREMBY.BIZ

Return of BREMBY.BIZ. Is it possible? Will the project return money from old deposits? Will it pay longer than in the last start? Invest or not? Let’s figure it out together.

On May 15, the BREMBY project wrote a post on its social networks that the project is coming back. You could literally read this text:

⚠️Dear investors. Your funds are all right. Due to technical reasons, we were unable to get in touch. There was a major attack on the project. We have improved the protection and therefore there will be no more such attacks. We have saved the database, but the project will have to be restarted and started all over again. To participate from the very beginning or not is your right.

Insurance will be used, but it will not be enough for everyone.

To return your funds with interest you need:

✅ Register again with the same username.

✅ Invest in our project or invite someone who invests.

The bigger your new investment, or your referral, the faster you will get your old funds back. We need time to accumulate funds for payments. After about 1-2 months of the project, we will be able to pay everyone.

🔥Bremby 2.0 project start date: May 23, 2022 (8 am . London time)


My opinion about Return of BREMBY.BIZ

I am an experienced investor, so I can give you advice on what to do in such a situation. I will not join the project, I will not invest and I will not advise my referrals to do so.

This project gave us a very good profit. Therefore, now you need to stop, not give vent to feelings and not invest. I find it impossible to return to BREMBY. In my opinion, the restart of the project will not allow investors to earn. It also seems to me that the platform will not return money from last deposits which you have lost.

I will not advertise it again. Also, I will not give you my referral link for investment.

I want to remind you how investment projects work. To do this, read my article.
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Restart of investment platforms

During my investment, I have never seen a platform that did a restart and worked better than in the first start. Usually, a restart is done in order to collect money and not give it back to investors.

If you are an active investor not only of my blog, but also of other projects, read my rules:

  1. Do not invest more money if the project has stopped payments.
  2. No need to pay money to company employees to unlock your old deposits. You will 100% lose both new and old investments.
  3. You don’t have to trust the company’s employees if they ask you to provide any documents to unlock your deposits. Platform will not return the money that you invested. Your time will be lost.
  4. It is not worth investing in restarting the project. This means that you 99% will not get a profit, but will lose most of the money.
  5. No need to try to return the money by investing in the restart if you lost money on the first start of the project.
  6. After stopping payments, you will not receive your money back in any way.


I don’t want to scare you! Investment is always a risk. The risk of both getting a big profit and losing all the money. This is not a deposit in the bank, this is getting a much greater profit. Investment projects can work for years and give a huge profit for investors, but this is not forever! This is the main rule. Never forget about it. Projects don’t run forever. They always stop payments at the same time. And no one knows when that moment might come.

The main rule of investment is to find a good blogger who knows how to choose the right projects that will work for a long time and will definitely give a good profit! Monetka Blog is your friend and assistant in the world of investments. I never lie to my investors and try to convey the right information on any occasion. So today I shared with you my opinion about BREMBY.

I advise you to choose fresh projects of my blog that will give a big profit. In the near future I will add such projects to my blog. Also I advise you to wait for them and earn excellent money in a new investment project. I would like to say thanks again to BREMBY and the whole team of creators for the excellent work, I look forward to seeing you again only with a new project.

Disclaimer: This news is not investment advice. Assess the risks yourself before making any investment decisions.

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