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Promising Crypto

Hello Friends. Crypto is growing. And this means that finally what was in the wallets will begin to give a profit. Nowadays you can also buy coins for profit. Today I want to share promising crypto and some methods with you.

So, let’s begin. If you are far from the world of cryptocurrencies, then I advise you to read my articles. I write a lot of information on the topic of cryptocurrencies for both beginners and advanced users.

Useful links from my blog

You can find all articles on the topic of cryptocurrencies at this link.

General articles to help beginners

Where to store cryptocurrency?

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Where to exchange cryptocurrency?

  1. Crypto exchange – CYBERBTC.COM
  2. Crypto exchange – 365cash

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Today I use two exchanges. This is the Binance Exchange and Huobi. You can read detailed instructions on how to register on the Binance exchange at my link below.

  1. Binance exchange registration link
  2. Registration on Binance cryptocurrency exchange
  3. Huobi exchange registration link

My investment Cryptocurrency portfolio

If you have a large financial turnover and want stability in cryptocurrency, then I advise you to buy the first 10-15 coins that are in the top coinmarketcap.

At the moment, I do not invest large amounts of money in cryptocurrency. Therefore, I will tell you what coins I have from which I want to get a profit.

Stable coins: ETH , DOGE , XRP , TRON , LTC , BNB.

Promising coins: WOO , HT , MANA , CRV , ZEC , SHIB , ROSE , BAL , QTUM , MITH , ATA , POND.

These are almost all the coins that are in my investment portfolio. Some can only be bought on Huobi, such as HT coins, which is spelled in full as HuobiToken.

I think many people notice a trend in cryptocurrency: if Bitcoin goes up, all coins go up. If the main cryptocurrency falls, all other coins also fall.

Disclaimer: This news is not investment advice. Assess the risks yourself before making any investment decisions.

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