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New tariff plans in CITYBUILDTRADE.COM

A few days ago, the project CITYBUILDTRADE.COM changed its tariff plans. They have become less profitable. Previously, we could get 2% per week. Now we can get 2% only in a month.

Previously, the project had only one tariff plan. Today we can see a large number of tariff plans.

New Marketing Brief in CITYBUILDTRADE.COM

  • 100.20% after 7 days
  • 102.00% after 30 days
  • 110.00% after 120 days
  • 135.00% after 240 days
  • 200.00% after 480 days
  • 450.00% after 960 days
  • 1000.00% after 1920 days

The minimum deposit in all tariff plans is $ 1

I have added this information to the main project overview. You can read a full overview of the CITYBUILDTRADE.COM here.


In my opinion, changing tariffs is not the best idea for a project. The old plans did not offer much profitability. The project has been working steadily since 2014 and delighted clients with a profit every week. Not a big profit, but stable.

I will not invest in this project because of the small profit. In my opinion, there are now more relevant projects in which you can consistently earn more.

You can see the list of current projects using this link. To consult with me, you can always write to me in telegram.


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