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New deposit in HENBBO VENTURES

I want to discuss with you an important question about deposits in HENBBO VENTURES. This question are very important and will help you better understand the investment project. How to open a deposit and do i have an active deposit? So let’s not waste time, but rather understand the issues.

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Monetka Blog deposit in HENBBO VENTURES

Next minutes I will open my first deposit in this investment platform together with you.

After successful registration, you can immediately open a deposit using your e-wallet. I will open a deposit using cryptocurrencies, namely with the help of USDT TRC20.

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Today (August 15, 2022) I will open a $100 deposit for the “1.65% STAKING CLASSIC” tariff plan.

Steps to open a deposit:

  • login my personal account
  • select the “staking” section in the menu
  • choose USDT TRC20 payment system
  • choose a plan “1.65% STAKING CLASSIC”
  • enter amount 100$
  • click “create staking”

Next, I opened an application for the payment of my deposit.

  • copy the address where I should send 100 USDT TRC20
  • go to my cryptocurrency wallet
  • I transfer USDT TRC20 to the copied address

I use Exodus cryptocurrency wallet. You can read a full review about it here.

Your deposit will open automatically after your money has been successfully received.

How long can your money be sent? Read my article to find out where your money is after sending.

Active deposit in HENBBO VENTURES

To check the status of my deposit, I can go to the operations section in the main menu of my personal account. If the status is successful, then you can go to the deposits section and make sure that it is active.

In the deposits section you will be able to find all active deposits. Also here you can find the option “automatic reinvestment”. This function means that after the work of your deposit, it will be automatically reopened. Also here you can choose which tariff plan you will do automatic reinvestment.


Today, August 15, 2022, I opened a deposit on the HENBBO VENTURES platform for 100 USDT TRC20 for the “1.65% STAKING CLASSIC” tariff plan. The deposit was opened automatically 2 minutes after I sent the money. The deposit on this tariff plan will work for 14 business days. I will be able to withdraw $1.65 5 times a week. The minimum withdrawal of TRC20 is 1$. My profit will be $23.1 after 14 working days. I can withdraw the principal at the end of the investment period. You can also choose a another tariff plan and open a deposit for an another amount.

Disclaimer: This news is not investment advice. Assess the risks yourself before making any investment decisions.

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