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Monetka Blog results in 2023

I wish you Happy Holidays and a great New Year! Thank you for trusting my blog and staying with me. I would like to sum up the results of the year with Monetka Blog.

Results of the year 2024

2024 was a difficult year for almost everyone. World issues do not allow you to relax. But I believe that we are all human and should help and respect each other.

Last year we invested in crypto and received profit from investment projects. Let’s remember everything where we successfully received money.


The project worked 106 days from the day of launch and 76 days from the day I added this project to my blog.

  • We went through 5 investment circles and earned 50% net profit on the FAST plan.
  • In 76 days we earned 152% of which 100% deposit + 52% net profit.
  • In 76 days we earned 197.6% of which 100% deposit + 97.6% net profit.
  • In 76 days we earned 250.8% of which 100% deposit + 150.8% net profit.

I calculated the profit received only by my team for 76 days from the date the project was added to the blog. The project worked for 30 days more, so other investors were able to earn even more.

Basic information

  1. Platform with three investment plans from 2% to 3.3% profit every day
  2. Daily accruals, 7 days a week
  3. It had instant payments
  4. Project start – March 27, 2023
  5. Project stopped paying – July 11, 2023


We earned 25.35% net profit from 13 investment circles. This platform worked 106 days from start and 41 days since I added it to blog.

Basic information

  • Platform with 8 tariff plans
  • Min plan is for three days
  • It had instant payments
  • Project start – Feb 18, 2023
  • Project stopped paying – June 4, 2023


This platform worked for 1220 days. Investors from my group and I joined the project on 18.11.2021. We were in the project for one and half year.

By investing to this platform We were able to earn about 55% net profit at the first plan, 200% – 300% from other plans.

Work projects

These projects began their work in 2023 and are still running in the new year. We successfully receive payments from there.


This project is working and paying today. The platform has a second start.

By investing in this project with my blog you were able to earn more than 485% of net profit at the first start. It was from July 25 to November 9. My referrals and I were able to complete more than twenty-two investment rounds using the first tariff plan.

The platform restarted after November 12 and is still paying. We completed 2 full rounds and earned 70.4% of net profit after the platform restart.

Basic information

  • Platform with an average up to 1.65% – 3.7% earnings daily
  • Accruals only on weekdays
  • Manual Type of payments (up to 72 hours)
  • Project start – July 25, 2023


This project started on January 11, 2023. It was at the partisan mode. It had no design and no profitable plans. On November 26, 2023, the project made a redesign and changed tariffs to more profitable.

Marketing that is relevant today:

  • 1% daily / Min deposit – 10$
  • 2% daily / Min deposit – 1000$
  • 3% daily / Min deposit – 4000$

Basic information

  • Platform with three investment plans up to 3% profit every day
  • Daily accruals, 7 days a week
  • Your deposit works until you get 200% back
  • Instant payments


The minimum profit results with Monetka blog that you could get was 620%. I don’t add many projects, I choose only those that will bring us profit. I paid insurance to all my referrals until breakeven in projects where we did not make money.

The New Year should bring us even more good projects, big profits not only from investment projects, but also from crypto.

Disclaimer: This information is not investment advice. Assess the risks yourself before making any investment decisions.

P.S. Be sure that investing with Monetka Blog is profitable. For a quick communication with me, write to me in telegram.

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