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Millions on crypto: which coins brought to their investors

The cryptocurrency market provides an opportunity for earning millions on crypto every day, and many investors have made their fortune on the growth of digital assets. Some made a profit by investing in projects that showed rapid growth in a short time, while others bought cryptocurrencies in their early stages. Also in March 2020, the coronavirus pandemic negatively affected the crypto market, and investors acquired crypto assets on a drawdown, which brought them a good profit a year later. The volatility in the crypto market provides huge opportunities for making money, but it has high risks. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the crypto assets that have helped investors earn their millions.


Bitcoin has proven itself as a promising investment and profit option. Many investors who bought the coin at a low cost at the right time have made high profits. As an example, we can take the collapse of the crypto market in March 2020, when bitcoin fell to $ 5,000. And a year later updated its historic maximum of $ 65,000. In a little more than a year, the main coin grew 13 times. And investors who bought it in March 2020 became millionaires in April 2021.

Some investors buy a coin and hold it on the exchange until its value starts to rise, and then choose the right moment to sell. This strategy is very convenient, but you need to closely monitor the situation in the crypto market and listen to the opinion of experts. If you make a sale on time, you can get a high income.

Bitcoin remains an attractive coin for crypto investors today, as it is a fairly liquid asset, with a large trading volume, and its acquisition can contribute to potential profit growth.


The Solana project became popular in 2021 when the value of the SOL coin increased by 3000%. Within a few months, it entered the segment of decentralized finance and non-fungible tokens. In January 2021, the price of the coin was $ 3, but then there was a sharp jump and in September 2021, the value of the coin was $ 209. This growth was due to the high popularity of DeFi and NFT services, and investors who purchased the coin during this period were able to earn their first millions.

At the time the coin was born, investors were skeptical about it, but after such a surge in price, experts predict that the value of the cryptocurrency could reach $ 500 by 2025. Today, Solana has become one of the leaders in the growth of quotations. It has also attracted the attention of many crypto investors due to its technical structure, approach to scaling and actively growing ecosystem.

Solana has over 84,000 telegram users and over 250 projects have been launched on its blockchain. This suggests that Solana is a promising project that has a working and demanded product, so the token will continue to rise in price. If you are interested in this coin, then you can buy it on AscendEX, a cryptocurrency exchange that provides spot, margin and futures trading of digital assets. The cryptocurrency exchange has become the leading ROI platform with basic and professional terminals available while trading. Also, an auction is held on the crypto exchange where you get the opportunity to receive a token of promising crypto projects before their official listing. Register now and join our Telegram community to keep abreast of the latest news and events.

Dogecoin (millions on crypto)

At the beginning of its inception, the value of the cryptocurrency, which was created for the sake of a joke, was $ 0.003. But thanks to the support of Elon Musk, who said on his Twitter that he is the CEO of Dogecoin, the comic coin became extremely popular in early 2021. Also, the Reddit community began to massively buy the coin, which caused a sharp rise in the price of a digital asset.

At the beginning of 2021, Dogecoin hit the TOP 10 cryptocurrencies in terms of capitalization and continues to show rapid growth. The price of the coin today is $ 0.23, but all the prospects for the growth of the token depend on its hype and community support.

Investors who bought the coin early on were able to capitalize on the growing popularity of Dogecoin. They were able to earn their millions on crypto. Cryptocurrency can hardly be called a reliable long-term investment. It can be viewed as an experiment with an extremely risky asset. Dogecoin is not backed by anything, because the coin has no product or practical application. If the hype around her dies down, and Elon Musk stops supporting her, then the cost will quickly decline.


Having analyzed several cryptocurrencies, thanks to which investors earned their first millions on crypto. We can say that there are many different investment projects in the crypto industry. In some, you need to find the right moment to sell during the rapid growth of the asset, while in others you need to invest at the stage of their inception or after a sharp collapse in the crypto market.

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