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Deposit +100% in ESSOMILANNI.VIP

Today I opened a new deposit in the investment platform ESSOMILANNI.VIP. This platform is designed for long-term work and does not have a high percentage of earnings. With the first tariff, you can get 1% profit for one investment circle. My team and I have already gone through eighteen circles. As a result we earned 21% profit! In order not to lose on the commission, I took out my profit, and sent the of the deposit to reinvest.

I opened a deposit for the first time for 100 days. It will bring me a profit of 100%. It turns out that every day I will receive 1% of net profit.

Today I can open 10 deposits for the first “Protection” tariff plan and 1 deposit in ESSOMILANNI for the “Standard” tariff.

ESSOMILANNI.VIP was launched on 20.02.2020. To date, the platform is over 2 years old. Excellent work result. As I have noted at my full review, the platform has excellent marketing that allows investors to earn money for a long time.

Basic information of ESSOMILANNI.VIP

  1. Stable platform that has been running since February 20, 2020;
  2. It has two directions for investing: investment plans and options;
  3. Interesting unique design with a lot of useful information;
  4. This platform is engaged in charity;
  5. It has awards and achievements;
  6. The platform has representatives from almost every country;
  7. Famous people such as Australian actors and journalists are part of the company.

Full overview ESSOMILANNI.VIP at my blog you can find using this link.


I went through 21 investment circles on the first tariff plan and earned 21% net profit. Also on February 24, I opened a new deposit for 100 days. It will bring me 100% net profit.

Disclaimer: This news is not investment advice. Assess the risks yourself before making any investment decisions.

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