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Cryptocurrency Prices

Good day everyone! Bitcoin price exceeded $ 52,000. My news is about cryptocurrency prices. The cryptocurrency market is booming now.

On the night of September 6, the quotes of the first cryptocurrency reached a local maximum. BTC dominance index is 40%, ETH – 19%.

The rate of the second largest cryptocurrency by capitalization after reaching $ 4000 has corrected – it is currently holding around $ 3930.

Latest crypro news

President of El Salvador announced the purchase of the first 200 BTC.

Last week, the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador approved the creation of a $ 150 million Bitcoin fund, which will be used to develop cryptocurrency infrastructure and services in the country – Nayib Bukele announced the purchase of the first 400 BTC, and also announced that he was going to continue filling the fund’s reserves. Also, from today, El Salvador officially begins to use BTC as a national currency along with the US dollar.

Сryptocurrency prices

The cryptocurrency market capitalization has renewed its highs three times in a row this week. Bitcoin exceeded the $ 50K level a month after its value fell 55% from the maximum. 2020 – 21 years of investment in cryptocurrencies. Billionaires and high-income executives have begun to actively use Bitcoin for storage.

Ⓜ️ It’s good time to buy crypto for my opinion. Now the cryptocurrency market is undergoing a correction after a good growth.

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  • QTUM
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  • DASH
  • ONG

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