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Hello friends. Today I was looking for new information on the project and found a copy of shihtzu.exchange. Let’s understand what it is and how it is related to the project on my blog.

And so, I went to my favorite coinmarketcap.com. Then I injected Shih Tzu and this is what I found. I saw this page. The name coincides with our project where we invest – shihtzu. I thought that our project was successfully listed and began to look for information further.

Shihtzu information

On the main page of the coin, we can find information on the project, as well as a website. I went into it and realized that this is a different site, but very similar.

On this site, I saw that the designs of the projects are very similar. This project also has listings on three major browsers. And also the coin of this project can be bought on 5 exchanges.

SHIHTZU.EXCHANGE Social networks

The project of my blog is actively developing and maintains its social networks. They are not copied or stolen.

This platform develops its social networks. This is a big plus. We can follow the news of the project. There they put out information about the weekly earnings. In my opinion, it is very convenient to follow the development of the project.


My blog project is working successfully, paying. The same name of the platforms, as well as almost the same design, can indicate the success of both projects. What could it be? Projects of one administration? Or maybe one develops well at the expense of the other?

I decided to share this information with you. What do you think about this? Tell me. Or better, write to me at telegram.

Disclaimer: This information is not investment advice. Assess the risks yourself before making any investment decisions.

P.S. Be sure that investing with Monetka Blog is profitable. For a quick communication with me, write to me in telegram.


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