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Citybuildtrade.com stopped paying

One of the legendary projects of the investment industry stops its work. Citybuildtrade stopped paying. How long has the project been running? How much could you earn?

The project stopped payments and will never open them again.

Basic information of the project

  1. Investment platform with earnings with 2% after week;
  2. An investment stable platform that has been operating since 2014;
  3. Stable charges and timely payments;
  4. Simple and straightforward personal account of the site;
  5. Great development in financial markets;
  6. This platform is well prepared from the technical side.

Citybuildtrade.com stopped paying

I added this project to the blog on August 11, 2021. During this time, the project could earn a huge profit. There have also been a lot of changes since:

  1. adding new tariff plans
  2. marketing change
  3. website design change
  4. aggressive company advertising

This project opened on February 24, 2014. He worked for almost 9 years. Amazing result. There should be many such projects in the field of investment.

Citybuildtrade.com profit

I’m afraid to imagine what profit this project gave during the investment. But let’s try to count.

Partizan platform version

Old investment plans did not allow to earn much. They offered small returns. On average, we could earn 2% in a month or 10% in 4 months. For 9 years of work, investors had the opportunity to earn up to 270% net profit.

The project has gained confidence on the stability and fulfillment of all obligations by the company.

Project redesign

After changing the design of the site, as well as changing the marketing, the project clicked aggressive ads. After the start of such actions, we cannot guess how long the project will work. It usually doesn’t take very long.


Сitybuildtrade com stopped paying. The project stopped payments and will never open them again. This project worked for 9 years and consistently brought profit to its investors. I believe that there should be as many such projects as possible. And my blog will help you find a worthy investment platform.

Disclaimer: This news is not investment advice. Assess the risks yourself before making any investment decisions.

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