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Best stocks to buy now (2022)

Despite the high volatility in the stock market, some stocks will rise, analysts say. Let’s take a look at the best stocks to buy now.

Bank of America (BoA) has listed the most promising companies for 2022. The list is provided by CNN. Although the selected companies showed a drop in early 2022, the bank is confident in its forecasts.

BoA emphasizes that while compiling their rating, analysts took into account the current situation in the economy: the stock market collapse, the key rate hike and inflation in the US. In their opinion, despite the high volatility, some US companies will recover by 2022.

Meta (formerly Facebook)

BoA spun off IT giant Meta (formerly Facebook). Analysts emphasize that at the beginning of the year the company’s shares fell by almost 40%. However, Meta remains one of the most popular players in the social media market. Bank of America expects the share price to rise to $333.

Block (formerly Square)

The next company is Block (formerly Square). BoA expects the company’s shares to rise to $157 and report good results for the first quarter. Analysts note that the potential of the company is underestimated.


Bank of America also believes that Spotify shares will show growth this year. The organization predicts a rise in the value of music streaming securities to $262.

Lululemon and CarMax

Among other American companies, analysts singled out Lululemon (growth to $420) and CarMax (growth to $95). The first brand specializes in the production of sportswear, and the second – in used cars.


Today is a good chance to buy the stocks of these companies as they have gone down.

Disclaimer: This article is not investment advice. Assess the risks yourself before making any investment decisions.

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