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ASTERIUM.CLUB Internal Exchanger

Investment platform ASTERIUM CLUB added Internal Exchanger to personal account. Today I will tell you how to use it, whether there are limits and other questions.

When to Use

The ASTERIUM CLUB Internal Exchanger was created inside your personal account. It is made for two things:

  1. for those people who do not have enough minimum for withdrawal in foreign currency. They can exchange money and withdraw in the currency in which the minimum will be enough. For example: the minimum for withdrawing USDT is $10. Bitcoin withdrawal is 0.005 BTC, which is approximately $100.
  2. for those people who just want to exchange one currency for another. Yes, here you can do it quickly and conveniently.

This is a very convenient way to exchange currencies. At the same time, you can withdraw all money from the platform by exchanging several small amounts of one currency into one.

How to Use

To exchange currencies, go to your personal account. Next, you need to find the “Exchange” section in the right menu and click on it. You will see in front of you your available balance for the exchange, as well as currencies.

Steps for Successful Currency Exchange

  1. go to the “exchanger” section in your account
  2. in the “pay” window, select the payment system you want to change
  3. enter the amount you want to exchange
  4. check the available balance and the amount you want to change. they should be the same
  5. select a payment system in the “Receive” window

In the lower corner you will see the amount that you can receive upon successful currency exchange. Click “Exchange” if everything is correct.

I have Litecoin on my balance which I want to exchange for USDT TRC-20.

Terms of use of ASTERIUM CLUB Internal Exchanger

  • no commission for currency exchange
  • there is no minimum exchange amount
  • currency exchange is done in instant mode

Exchange conditions are excellent. I can even say more, you can earn money on it! You can change to a crypto on a fall, and change it to usdt when it grows.

I received a notification after a successful exchange.

Asterium Club useful links

You can follow the links for a more detailed acquaintance with the project.

  1. Full review of the project on my blog
  2. Telegram channel
  3. Instagram
  4. Registration Link

Only these links are official. Be careful.


Investment platform ASTERIUM CLUB added Internal Exchanger to personal account. This is a very convenient and useful section for every investor. You can exchange currencies without commission and in instant mode. In my opinion, experienced players will be able to earn on the exchange of currencies with the growth and fall of cryptocurrencies.

Disclaimer: This news is not investment advice. Assess the risks yourself before making any investment decisions.

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