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ARIBUKA.COM have stopped paying

ARIBUKA.COM have stopped paying. Don’t invest!

This platform worked for 150 days. It let investors earn. My investors and I joined the project on the first day of starting. It was September 16. We managed to earn more than 150% profit here. I consider this a good result. I wrote to you in my review that I had already worked with the administration before and that they always gave a good profit at all their projects. For this reason, I joined the project.

ARIBUKA.COM have stopped paying and I did not have insurance on this platform. Therefore, almost all of my referrals made good money in this project. I congratulate you.

You can find platforms with insurance here.

Reasons for Aribuka closing

I wrote about it on my telegram channel. But I want to write about it in more detail.

Approximately three weeks ago, a video of Aribuka being exposed by one of the leaders of the platform was recorded. In his video, he talked about the problem of photos that were with Photoshop. He said that the project was a scam so that people would not invest in it. This information spread very quickly. In many chats they wrote about this and wrote that Aribuka was a scam. The project was a huge negative.

In fact, Aribuka paid in instant mode and they had no problems and also no desire to close. They evolved every day. The administration wanted to make many updates on the platform, such as increasing the referral commission from turnover, adding new pages and much more.

The leader who recorded the video had enough referrals. They invested money there. He could write a letter to the administration about the problems that arose. This issue could be resolved without publicity.

Therefore, to the question: why did the platform close, I can answer that sometimes you should not try to be smart and tell everyone what you found. You can solve all questions personally. With such a decision, first of all, he would think about his referrals.

My relationship with Aribuka

Monetka Blog is not Aribuka. I am not an administrator and never have been. Monetka is an investment blog. One of the projects on my blog was Aribuka. Yes, I have worked with them. I had the opportunity to be a little closer to the platform than you and know their future plans. Today I work with 6 platforms. And on several projects, I have additional information that others don’t have. My blog is being joined by people from other platforms, as well as from Aribuka. I am glad to all the investors who joined my blog during the work of all projects.

I select for you only high-quality projects where I invest myself. My Blos is about investments. Here you will find useful information about investment projects, cryptocurrencies, as well as many useful articles that will help you understand the investment world.

My opinion about Aribuka

In my opinion, Aribuka gave up early. Yes, it had problems, but perhaps they could be solved and work further. It might be possible to find a solution to these issues. But nothing can be returned. I have no influence on the Aribuka team. The decision to close was out of my hands. Yes, we are are well acquainted with Aribuka administration, but we are different people and are in no way dependent on each other.


Investments are always associated with the risk of losing money. Investment platforms cannot work forever! Look for people who have more information than others. Look for people who have connections in the investment world and they start investing from the start or come in earlier than others. You have to be smarter if you want to make money here.

I’m glad to see you on my telegram channel. And also you can always write to me on a convenient communication channel.


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carlogiordano8566 (11:55)
Hello, about Aribuka, this project made bad result. For small investors that made deposit in 1st plan, after 150 days they maybe reached 80% ROI. In my opinion, if small investor cannot reach BEP, the project is scam.
Inna Monetka (15:03)
Hello! At the first month they had bigger % of profit. That’s why we got more then 150% of profit. I agree with you that it is was bad work from administration. They need to work minimum year with this project.