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4 wallet protection extensions

Protection of your cryptocurrency wallet is just as important as protecting your fiat money. They can be stolen if you neglect the security rules. As an addition to the basic rules, there may be extensions for the computer browser. I have compiled a list of the most relevant tools for saving money.


Blowfish warns you about questionable sites and transactions, and also explains what risks you take on by signing a particular transaction.

It supports: Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, BNB Chain and Arbitrum.


Stelo analyzes the wallets and contracts you interact with. Warns of risks. There are bookmarks with popular DEXs right in the extension.

It supports: Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum


AegisWeb3 analyzes websites and shows detailed analytics. There is a search function through which you can manually check a specific wallet and contract.

It supports: Ethereum and BNB Chain.

Revoke cash

Revoke cash protects against theft of your NFTs and analyzes your permissions to spend tokens. You can analyze the wallet and check how secure it is on the project website.

This supports all EVM blockchains.


The safety of funds is a concern for every investor who stores funds online. You need to be sure that they are safe even after setting a complex password. Wallet protection is the first thing an investor should think about before using and paying money online.

I have compiled a small list of additional programs that will help you work with online money. All extensions help secure your Web3 wallet when you interact with decentralized applications.

Disclaimer: This news is not investment advice. Assess the risks yourself before making any investment decisions.

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