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21 investment circle in ESSOMILANNI.VIP

My 21 investment circle in the ESSOMILANNI.VIP investment platform started. This platform is designed for long-term work and does not have a high percentage of earnings. With the first tariff, you can get 1% profit for one investment circle. My team and I have already gone through eighteen circles. As a result we earned 20% profit! In order not to lose on the commission, I took out my profit, and sent the of the deposit to reinvest.

ESSOMILANNI.VIP was launched on 20.02.2020. To date, the platform is over 2 years old. Excellent work result. As I have noted at my full review, the platform has excellent marketing that allows investors to earn money for a long time.

Basic information of ESSOMILANNI.VIP

  1. Stable platform that has been running since February 20, 2020;
  2. It has two directions for investing: investment plans and options;
  3. Interesting unique design with a lot of useful information;
  4. This platform is engaged in charity;
  5. It has awards and achievements;
  6. The platform has representatives from almost every country;
  7. Famous people such as Australian actors and journalists are part of the company.

Full overview ESSOMILANNI.VIP at my blog you can find using this link.


The 21 investment circle in ESSOMILANNI VIP has started and the platform has brought us a good profit. We managed to get 20% net profit on 1 tariff plan. On this plan, the lowest % yield. In my opinion, the administrators are working well with this project. The project has a fixed deposit amount. You will not be able to open a deposit for a larger or smaller amount. The percentage of profit is also quite good. Also, the most favorable rate is the investment plan, which is designed for 50 days.

Disclaimer: This news is not investment advice. Assess the risks yourself before making any investment decisions.

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