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Start / added to blog 24.06.2024 / 19 days Platform Status
ROI 1.5% daily for 14 days Blog Deposit 2000$
Referral Program 4% - 1.5% - 0.5% - 0.2% Insurance -$
Min Deposit 15 USDT$ RCB -
Min Payout 3 USDT$ Technical Data Script - H-script Hosting - Baykov Ilya Sergeevich (1 paying HYIPs) IP address - (The Netherlands / Dronten) IP was not used in other projects NS servers -,, SSL - Sectigo RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA valid from 15 May, 2024 to 16 May, 2025 - Sectigo Limited
Payout Type Manual up to 72 hours Payment Systems

I would like to introduce you to a new investment project SELWIX.COM. I added this project to my blog on June 25, 2024. The project is completely new. Its launch was June 9, 2024. My team and I, as always, are among the first to enter. This gives us a chance for good and big profit in the future.

Basic information

  • Platform with twelve investment plans up to 7000%;
  • Daily accruals, 7 days a week;
  • The minimum investment period is 14 days;
  • Promising project after redesign;
  • Withdrawal of funds is manual and may take up to 72 hours;
  • Minimum allowable amounts for withdrawal – 3usdt
  • Nice and convenient personal account of the site;
  • This platform is well prepared from the technical side and has unique design.

How SELWIX COM makes money

Selwix started its journey in 2019 when a group of crypto enthusiasts under the leadership of Benjamin Weber came together to solve one of the main problems in the cryptocurrency world – accessibility of staking.

Their idea was simple: to create a platform that would make staking simple, reliable, and accessible to everyone, regardless of technical or financial knowledge. Pursuing this goal, the Selwix team started developing innovative solutions that made investing in cryptocurrencies more attractive and accessible.

After six months of intensive work and testing, in 2020, the independent Selwix platform was launched, deployed on its own blockchain infrastructure.

❗️ However, do not forget that all investments on the Internet are high-risk. You can both earn and lose your money. Do not expect super profits or hope that you will make a profit forever. Any investment projects can stop payments at any time.

SELWIX COM Marketing

This platform offers us twelve investment plans. The higher the amount of investment, the higher the profit you can get. Profit percentage is fixed. You will be able to receive profit 7 days a week, including holidays. Each plan has a different investment period, as well as different methods for calculating profit.

I will not review all 12 tariff plans. You can find them all on the main page of the site. I will only show you 4 plans from the beginner section. They are more acceptable for investment.

PRO 1.5% daily

According to this tariff you will receive 1.5% working days. At the end of the investment period you will receive the deposit back. You can withdraw profit every. This is a starter plan to try out. The total amount of profit that can be obtained is 21%

  1. Min deposit – 15$
  2. Max deposit – 3400$
  3. Duration – 14 working days
  4. Accruals – 5 days a week

I consider this tariff plan to be the most interesting for investing in the platform.


According to this tariff you will receive 150% after 15 working days. At the end of the investment period you will receive the amount that will include your deposit as well as profit. You can withdraw profit every.

  1. Min deposit – 900$
  2. Max deposit – 77000$
  3. Duration – 15 working days
  4. Accruals – 5 days a week

You will receive 385 USDT with a deposit of 3500 USDT. The final amount you will receive will be 9660 USDT.


According to this tariff you will receive 11% every day 16 days a week. At the end of the investment period you will receive the deposit back. You can withdraw profit every. This is a starter plan to try out. The total amount of NET profit that can be obtained is 176%

  1. Min deposit – 3500$
  2. Max deposit – 99000$
  3. Duration – 16 working days
  4. Accruals – 5 days a week

You will receive 1350 USDT with a deposit of 900 USDT at this plan.

Payment systems

This investment project provides big numbers of payment systems. You have the opportunity to open a deposit through BTC, BCH, ETH, Ripple, LTC, Dash, Doge, Tron, BNB(BEP20), Tether (ERC20), Tether (TRC20), NixMoney, Tron, Stellar.

SELWIX COM Withdrawal Limits

Minimum amount: Atom – $3, Bitcoin – $15, Bitcoincash – $15, BUSD – $3, c98 – $3, BNB – $7, Dash – $10, Doge – $7, ERC20 – $15, Ethereum – $15, Litecoin – $7, Ripple – $5, Tron – $3, TRC20 – $3, USDT BEP20 – $3, Nix, EpayCore – $0.25

SELWIX COM Withdrawal Fees

Selwix charges a withdrawal fee Tether (ERC20) – 7 USDT, USD Coin (ERC20) – 6 USDC, Arbitrum (ERC20) – 4.8 ARB, Bitcoin – 0.0001 BTC, Ethereum (ERC20) – 0.0021 ETH, all other payment systems do not charge a fee.

How to register?

  • Firstly you need to follow my link to register on the platform
  • Click on the “Registration” button in the upper right corner of the site;
  • To register, you need to come up with a username, email, and also come up with a password. Use only working mail to which you have access.
    Your login and password need to contain letters and numbers without spaces and be more then 3 characters.

❗️Be sure to check your invitation – Monetka. You can check this information on the main page of your personal account.

How to open a deposit?

Firstly log into your account using the username and password you entered during registration. Then you need to Click the “Staking” button.

Your steps on the page for opening investments:

  • Firstly you need to Choose Payment Method.
  • Then you need to choose Staking.
  • After that, you need to write the amount you want to make deposit. Check your details. If everything is correct, then click on the “Open Staking” button.
  • You will see an application for opening a new deposit.

Steps for successful payment:

  1. Copy the wallet number of the platform where I need to send money
  2. Log in to your payment wallet
  3. Send the exact amount to the copied platform wallet

You need to transfer money to the wallet number that is written in the application. All investors can transfer money to this wallet only once. If you want to open a new deposit, you need to open a new application and send money to the wallet that will be written in the new application.

IMPORTANT! You cannot transfer money twice to the same wallet. Your deposit will not open!

Successful deposit

Your deposit will open automatically after your money is credited to the platform account. You can find your deposit in the “Deposits” section of your personal account. There you can find information:

  1. start and end date of the deposit
  2. deposit conditions
  3. deposit amount
  4. amount earned
  5. accrual time
  6. payment system
  7. progress in accrual of profit on deposit

You will receive your first profit 24 hours after opening the deposit.

IMPORTANT! You must transfer the exact amount indicated in the application. Your deposit will not be active if you transfer another amount. You will be able to see this amount only on your personal account. You can add money there and open a deposit for the desired tariff plan, or you can make a reinvestment for this amount that is on the balance of your personal account.

How to order a payment?

Firstly you need to save the wallet where you will withdraw your money. To do this, go to the “Settings” section. Find the desired wallet and save it.

Monetka Advise! Read my article – The best tokens for investment. Link.

You can be able to withdraw money after you have saved and checked that your payment wallet is correct.

  1. go to the “Withdrawal” section
  2. choose a payment system for withdrawing funds
  3. write the amount
  4. click the “withdraw funds” button

Do not forget about minimum payments on the platform.

The minimum withdrawal amount is: Atom – $3, Bitcoin – $15, Bitcoincash – $15, BUSD – $3, c98 – $3, BNB – $7, Dash – $10, Doge – $7, ERC20 – $15, Ethereum – $15, Litecoin – $7, Ripple – $5, Tron – $3, TRC20 – $3, USDT BEP20 – $3, Nix, EpayCore – $0.25

Withdrawal of funds is manual and may take up to 72 hours. Also, the project has commissions for withdrawing funds.

For all crypto investments I use Exodus crypto wallet. If you want to exchange money for cryptocurrency, you can do it here.


Security is very important in any place where you work with money, because you need to be sure that they are safe.

On this platform, I recommend immediately enabling 2 factor authentication. You can connect it to three sections:

  1. login
  2. edit account
  3. withdrawal

I highly recommend enabling security for the “edit account” section because that’s where you’ll save your payment details. No one can change your payment wallet without your code.

The project also has additional options such as setting an avatar and adding social networks.


This project started on 9 June, 2024. I added this plaftorm to my blog on June 22, 2023. This project deserves attention, because past projects made good money for me and my team. This platform is managed by experienced administrators. This is not the first time I have worked with them. My team always comes in at the start of the project and this gives the maximum chance of earning maximum income.

Disclaimer: This information is not investment advice. Assess the risks yourself before making any investment decisions.

P.S. Be sure that investing with Monetka Blog is profitable. For a quick communication with me, write to me in telegram.

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