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Start: 15.07.2021 / On blog: 20.07.2021


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Start / added to blog 20.07.2021 / 1009 days Platform Status
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ROI 1% - 8.88% daily for 5- 28 business days, 380% - 550% after 48 - 65 business days. Blog Deposit 100$
Referral Program 4% - 2% - 1% Insurance -$
Min Deposit 15$ RCB 2.5
Min Payout 0.1$ Technical Data Script - H-script Hosting - OVH (26 paying HYIPs) IP address - (United Kingdom / London) NS server:, SSL - Sectigo RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA valid from 14 Jul, 2021 to 15 Jul, 2022 - Sectigo Limited
Payout Type Manual up to 72h Payment Systems

Ⓜ️ Today I have added a new investment project to my blog – SOLLZO.COM . Hello everyone. Monetka is with you. This investment project opened 20.07.2021. The project offers us a large number of tariff plans. The platform is well prepared. It has a beautiful and comfortable design. The administration has shown good results of work more than once. Therefore, I decided to join this project. Advice to take a closer look at this platform.

Basic information of this investment project

  1. Platform with earnings from 1% daily;
  2. Minimum investment period is 5 working days;
  3. New promising project;
  4. Manual payments;
  5. Nice and convenient personal account of the site;
  6. Great development in financial markets;
  7. This platform is well prepared from the technical side and design.

Project legend

SOLLZO invests in healthcare and medicine. They acquire shares and stakes in major pharmaceutical companies, and invest in leading healthcare providers through the construction and ownership of healthcare real estate. “


  • In 2015, Sollzo begins investing in the construction of healthcare real estate. At the beginning of 2020, the volume of investments in this sector amounted to more than $ 1.5 billion;
  • Since 2017, our organization began to acquire shares in the largest pharmaceutical companies. Today, the value of these assets is estimated at over $ 891 million;
  • In 2020, in order to increase investment capital, we launched an online investment project with high interest rates on deposits to attract funds from individuals;
  • In 2023, the company’s capital is expected to increase by 453% compared to 2020 by attracting new investors and entering other market sectors, including the fight against COVID-19.

❗️ However, do not forget that all investments on the Internet are high-risk. You can both earn and lose your money. Do not expect super profits or hope that you will make a profit forever. Any investment projects can stop payments at any time.

How can you reduce the risk of losing money in investment platforms? I advise you to read my article

Project Marketing

This platform offers a large number of investment plans. The minimum investment period is from 5 working days. I recommend choosing a tariff depending on the amount invested and the profit goals you set.

In my opinion, the second tariff plan is more profitable. By investing in it, you will be able to possibility of daily withdrawal as well as getting a good profit.

Let’s take a closer look at each of them:

  • 🔸1% daily for 5 business days
    Min deposit $15 | Max deposit $100
  • 🔸1.7% daily for 15 business days
    Min deposit $25 | Max deposit $2700
  • 🔸2.9% daily for 24 business days
    Min deposit $950 | Max deposit $20000
  • 🔸3.5% daily for 32 business days
    Min deposit $1500 | Max deposit $50000

*Principal return at the end of the deposit term at this 4 plans.

  • 🔸8.88% daily for 28 business days
    Min deposit $3200 | Max deposit $300000

*Principal and deposit return daily.

  • 🔸380% daily for 48 business days
    Min deposit $1000 | Max deposit $20000
  • 🔸550% daily for 65 business days
    Min deposit $1300 | Max deposit $150000

*Principal and earnings return at the end of the deposit term.

In the personal account of the investment project, you can find a profitability calculator. Use it to graphically calculate your future profit. So, with a deposit of $ 100, you will have the opportunity to earn $ 105 in 5 working days.

Payment systems

This investment project provides big numbers of payment systems. You have the opportunity to open a deposit through the Perfect Money, Payeer, ADVcash, BTC, Litecoin, ETH, DOGE, BNB, NixMoney, Ripple, Tether (TRC20), Tether (ERC20) Dash, Monero.

All payments, such as interest on deposits, the body of deposit, or referral bonuses for an affiliate program, are processed manually and can take up to 72 hours. Min withdraw is $0.1, 0.001 BTC, 0.012 ETH, 6 XRP, and 0.001 BTC equivalent for other cryptocurrencies.

How to register on the platform?

  • You need to follow my link to register on the platform
      • After switching, in the upper right corner of the site you need to find the “Sign up” button;
      • You need to enter all the necessary data to create an account. It will need you each time to log into your account in the future.

      ❗️Be sure to check your invitation – Monetka.

      How to open a deposit?

      Using the username and password you entered during registration, log into your account. Click the “Open Deposit” button. Firstle you need to add funds on the account balance. This amount will be equal to your deposit.

      Attention. Minimum deposit amount at Perfect Money and Payeer is $900.

      After your balance has been replenished, you can choose the tariff plan. Then you need to write the amount and click to invest. After confirming, you will be redirected to the electronic payment system. Follow her instructions to pay for the transaction. Then you will be redirected back to your Personal Account again. Funds will be credited automatically to the previously selected investment plan.

      How to order a payment?

      • Before withdrawing funds, check the correction of your payment wallet. If you have not added a wallet, do it by going to the “Settings” section of your account.
      • Profit is calculated only on working days.

      In order to withdraw funds, you need to go to the section “WITHDRAWAL”. Then you need to choose a payment system with an available balance for withdrawal. Enter the withdrawal amount and click to the button “CREATE”.

      Questions Answered

      If you have any questions, you can always write to the technical support of the platform. But, before contacting the letter, you can always write me . Also, you can search for the answer to your question on the FAQ page. ”

      Company development plan

      The investment project SOLLZO.COM develops daily. On the FAQ page, you can find a message that project plans to develop and add new payment systems in the future. We have a great chance to make good money.

      I also wanted to add that the platform is multinational. But we can also notice that there are still plans to open additional languages.


      The investment project is well prepared. An interesting design attracts every investor. I look forward to making a good profit here. Last platforms from this administration have made good money for many investors. Nobody knows how long this site will work. But, I can say unequivocally that it will delight investors, because the platform also has a huge potential for growth and development.


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Smartix (17:01)
Спасибо за рефку по проекту! The amount of 5 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U28715331->U1*** Memo: RCB from Date: 05:45 21.08.21. Batch: 413646986.
heatstreak (21:32)
Я получил здесь свои выводы очень быстро Программа, как я знаю, выполняется хорошей командой и направлена на лучшее будущее для наших инвестиций. Я попросил сегодня еще один набор выводов, скоро также сообщу о них :) Пакет платежей - 5.1 TetherTRC-20 08-09-2021 15:38:54 a74aea347aa6a0d671989b529d38139cf960aab07665b0c4dbe7e82ecda1b1ff 5.1 TetherTRC-20 08-10-2021 19:04:30 14c3555d8ac9cc54de88e65a2fe57e7bee72a570d199dc2a1143a31bd53da20a 5.1 TetherTRC-20 08-11-2021 14:33:15 b1f13438de66bbcdceb408ea0e8e28364901941f3c082651e270dccdbd5408f9