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Start / added to blog 16.09.2021 / 30 days Platform Status
ROI 1. Conservative plan - average profit of around 1.8% daily 2. Balanced plan - average profit of around 2.5% daily 3. Aggressive plan - an average up to 3% daily Blog Deposit 100$
Referral Program 7% - 3% - 2% - 1% Insurance -$
Min Deposit 20$ RCB 3.5
Min Payout 10$ Technical Data Script - undefined Hosting - StormWall IP-address: (United States / Ashburn) IP not used in other projects NS servers:, SSL: Sectigo RSA Domain Validation Secure Server CA valid from 19 Jun, 2021 to 20 Jun, 2022 - Sectigo Limited
Payout Type Instant Payment Systems

Ⓜ️ Today I have added a new investment project to my blog – ARIBUKA.COM. Welcome on my blog of earnings. I continue to give you the best place for earnings. This investment platform started 16.09.2021. A new project that caught my attention. A very high quality website with a unique design. Platform start today – 16.09.2021. Investing at the start is always an advantage for all investors.

Basic information of this investment project

  1. Platform with an average up to 1% – 3% earnings daily;
  2. Daily accruals, 7 days a week;
  3. Three tariff plans with different profitability;
  4. New promising project;
  5. Instant payments;
  6. Nice and convenient personal account of the site;
  7. This platform is well prepared from the technical side and design.

Project legend

Investment platform is a new generation accessible to everyone. Collaborative work for two years has shown results that have exceeded all expectations. By diversifying our capital into 5 areas, we have been able to reach the average monthly rate over 20%. At the moment we invest in such instruments as: IPO – the first public sale of shares of a joint stock company. ICO is the initial placement of new cryptocurrency units. Startup – young and promising companies that have recently started their activities. Offline business – buying a pool or share in a large business. PoS Mining is an online mining option without the need to purchase expensive equipment.

Benefits of ARIBUKA.COM

  • Professionals in their field
    Our team consists of specialists with longstanding experience;
  • Maximized profit with low risks
    Careful selection of investment instruments and diversification gives excellent results;
  • License to operate business
    Our company has all the necessary documents to legally engage in investment activities;

You can read how to get RCB here

❗️ However, do not forget that all investments on the Internet are high-risk. You can both earn and lose your money. Do not expect super profits or hope that you will make a profit forever. Any investment projects can stop payments at any time.

Reliable currency exchanger – 365cash


This platform offers us three tariff plans. The amount of income you receive depends on the amount of your investment. I would advise you to invest and do not be afraid of any tariff plan. This platform pays out a profit in the instant mode. Let’s take a closer look at all of them:


On this tariff, based on the past results, we expect an average profit of around 1.8% daily. “Conservative “represents it self investments in prospective areas such as: POS Mining and Offline Business. There is also a yield graph on the investors page. In it you can see the profitability for the month as well as for all the time.

The minimum deposit on this plan is only $ 20. You will receive profit every day, 7 days a week.


On this tariff, based on the past results, we expect an average profit of around 2.5% daily. On the “Balanced” tariff your funds work in such high-potential areas as: IPO, ICO instruments, as well as invested in perspective startups.

The minimum deposit on this plan is $ 500. You will receive profit every day, 7 days a week.


The most profitable tariff plan presented by our company. Investing with us you will be able to receive an average up to 3% daily. In the “Aggressive” tariff your funds work in 2 directions: Startups as well as IPOs.

The minimum deposit on this plan is $ 2000. You will receive profit every day, 7 days a week.

Also, on the graph of each tariff plan, we can see how much the investor has already earned. This information can be viewed on this page.

Payment systems

This investment project provides big numbers of payment systems. You have the opportunity to open a deposit through the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Tether (ERC20), Tether (TRC20), Tron, Qiwi rubles, Visa / MacterCard rubles.

The following limits on the minimum and maximum amount of the deposit are set for the tariff plans.

Minimum amount: 20 Tether TRC-20 , 150 Tether ERC-20 , 0.002 BitCoin , 0.05 Ethereum , 0,15 LiteCoin, 80 DogeCoin , 230 Tron , 2000 Qiwi RUB, 2500 Visa/MasterCard RUB

Maximum amount: 250000 Tether TRC-20 , 250000 Tether ERC-20 , 5 BitCoin , 78 Ethereum , 1430 LiteCoin, 80 DogeCoin , 3000000 Tron , 50000 Qiwi RUB, 50000 Visa/MasterCard RUB

How to register in ARIBUKA.COM?

  • You need to follow my link to register on the platform
      • After switching, in the upper right corner of the site you need to find the “Registration” button;
      • You need to enter all the necessary data to create an account. It will need you each time to log into your account in the future. Next, fill in the two checkboxes at the bottom of the window.

      ❗️Be sure to check your invitation – Monetka.

      How to open a deposit?

      Using the username and password you entered during registration, log into your account. Click the “Inevest” button. Firstle you need to choose a tafiff plan and click to invest.

      Advice from Monetka. You can also make a reinvestment from the balance. The main advantage of this promotion is that there is no commission for transferring money. Also, a big plus is the smaller amount of opening deposits on tariff plans. For example, you can make reinvestment for the most profitable plan “Aggressive” at 0.006 Bitcoin. While the minimum deposit amount is 0.042 Bitcoin.

      How to order a payment?

      Before withdrawing funds, check the correction of your payment wallet. If you have not added a wallet, do it by going to the “Wallets” section of your account.

      In order to withdraw funds, you need to go to the section “WITHDRAWAL”. Then you need to choose a payment system with an available balance for withdrawal. Enter the withdrawal amount and click to the button “Withdraw Funds”.

      ARIBUKA.COM security

      You can further protect your account from hacking. You can connect Two-Factor Authentication. To do this, you need to download the application to your phone. Then enter the code or scan the quar code. After adding, enter the code digit to synchronize the settings.

      Questions Answered

      If you have any questions, you can always write to the online support of the platform. The consultant will quickly answer your questions and help with any problems. And you can always write me. Also, you can search for the answer to your question on the FAQ page.


      The administration of this platform has already given my referrals money many times. This time shouldn’t be an exception. The project is well prepared from a technical point of view and also has a beautiful and user-friendly design. In my opinion, the platform has a great future. I recommend this platform to add to your investment portfolio. I see the potential for great growth and development.


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