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Investor Vocabulary

Are you new to investing? Then my article with an investor vocabulary is a must-read. Referral commission, RCB, pending – what is it? If you do not understand what this is about, but want to figure it out, read on. Here I have collected all the complex concepts, terms and just slang used in the ordinary speech of experienced investors. The dictionary presented in the article will become a guide for you in the world of investments and will help you understand complex definitions.

Investor Vocabulary


Account – a user profile, information that consists of a login and password for accessing a personal account on the site.

Admin is the founder and leader of the investment project. The admin can be one person, and maybe several.

Affiliate program – a cash bonus to a participant for inviting new users to the project.

Auto payout – automatic transfer of earned money to the investor’s wallet from the personal account of the project, without human intervention.


Ban – blocking the investor’s account for violating the rules. The platform administrator can block the personal account permanently. One of the reasons is using multi account.

Batch number – the transfer number generated by the payment system during the transaction procedure. Each transfer has its own batch number, there are no identical ones.

Breakeven is the moment when the income from the investment overlapped the initial investment and began to generate net income.


Circle is a fully completed investment cycle. After closing the full circle, the investor receives his contribution + interest on the deposit back and decides for himself whether to invest in another circle or not.

Commission – a percentage or a fixed amount that the electronic payment system takes for withdrawing funds or other monetary transactions.


DDoS attack is a hacker attack aimed at destroying the site’s functionality. Typically, attackers generate a large number of requests that ultimately overload the target system. This method is used to disrupt the operation of a competitor’s website or for the purpose of blackmail and extortion of money.

Deposit – monetary contribution that is transferred for temporary use to an organization to make a profit for an agreed percentage.

Diversification is a wise investment of funds in projects of different degrees of risk and profitability in order to reduce risks.

Dressing up – changing the template design of the platform (partisan type) to an expensive and unique one. It also includes a change in investment plans and the opening of additional opportunities for investors.


Electronic wallet is a virtual account for storing currency and performing transactions with it.


Hourly is a high-interest investment platform in which profits are accrued every hour.

Highly profitable project – investment platforms that offer investors to earn over 60% per month.


Investing – is the investment of money in a promising investment project with the aim of making a profit.

Investment portfolio – is a set of investment projects in which funds are invested.

Investor – is a legal entity or a person who invests their money in order to subsequently receive a percentage of income.

Inside – is a secret data that directly affect the financial performance of the project and are not subject to general disclosure.

Insurance – the amount that can be reimbursed when the project stops paying.

Instant – is an automatic payment of funds at the participant’s request for the payment system.


Legend – is a believable story invented by the creator about the successful work of platform. This is done to justify the interest payments to depositors.

Liquidity is the ability of assets to quickly generate profits.

Listing is a monetary reward that the administrator pays to advertisers for their work.


Manual is a type of cash payments that requires manual approval of the payment by the creator of the investment platform.

Marketing plan – is a conditions for creating deposits for investing an investment platform. The plan spelled out such conditions as: investment period, amounts, terms, as well as the profitability of the deposit.

MLM game is a project where the investor’s earnings depend on the activity of attracting referrals. As a rule, payments to previous participants are made at the expense of the next. And those who joined the project earlier than everyone else remain in the maximum gain.

Monitoring is an advertising portal that collects all investment sites and contains information about the reliability of payments.

Multi-account – multiple accounts registered by the same project participant. Often times, multi-accounts are strictly prohibited by the rules in almost all investment platforms. Violation of this rule may result in permanent blocking of all investor accounts.


Order – the period of time that is provided for the payment of income to depositors. to the wallet after ordering the withdrawal of funds.


Payeer is a popular payment system for investing. Accepts fiat as well as a small amount of crypto currency. Differs in reliability, stability and the presence of its own exchange.

Partizan is a project that starts its work without design and legend and is not advertised anywhere. It is created for the purpose of smooth and very slow promotion. The start takes place with a standard design and with minimal costs. The project can be in a quiet mode for years, and at a certain moment start a broad promotion. The project changes the design to an expensive and unique one. Therefore, investment in guerrilla projects is reduced to a minimum at the time of the initial stage.

Pending is a pending application for payment of money.

Personal account – the personal page of the project, which stores the personal data of the contributor. On it you can find information on deposits, payments, as well as the results of the project.

Piggy bank is an investment project in which the investor himself determines for how long he invests his money. In such a platform, you can withdraw a deposit at any time and in full (minus commission).

Perfect Money is a popular multicurrency payment system that helps make transfers of fiat funds, as well as a minimum set of cryptocurrencies.

Principal of deposit is the amount you invested in the project.

Profit – the profit received from the deposit in the project. Profit is the goal of investment.

Proof – providing evidence. One example is a screenshot of payments, or confirmation of transactions when opening a deposit. This is necessary to solve problems on the platform. As well as to confirm the solvency of the project to other participants.

Pool – the collection of the total amount by several participants for investment through one account. This is done to invest in a more profitable tariff plan. Most often, the most favorable rates start with a large amount. Therefore, investors collect a pool.


Reinvestment – reopening a deposit. It can be done from the investor’s personal wallet. And also inside the platform without withdrawing funds, if there is money on the project balance.

Restart – restarting the project after its closure.

Referral is a personal partner who has registered on the site using your affiliate link.

Referral link is a personal link that is issued to the investor to advertise the project. And it allows to earn money on the entry of new participants into it. By registering using a referral link, a newbie gets to your partner structure and becomes your referral.

RCB – profit from the affiliate program. The percentage of funds that the inviter receives from the deposit of his referral.

Monetka.blog pays a RCB to all my referrals. Rules for obtaining at this link.


Support – an employee of the technical support of the project, who can be contacted in case of problems or questions regarding the operation of the investment platform.

Script is a technical support responsible for the functionality and protection of the site.

Structure – all referrals who have registered using your referral link.


Trust management is a temporary order of cash or other assets of a management company in order to obtain financial benefits.


Upline – the person who invited you to the project, and you registered under his referral link.


Verification is the process of confirming personal data specified in your personal account by providing a scan of your documents. After passing the verification, more favorable conditions are often opened on the site.
Highly profitable project – investment platforms that offer investors to earn over 60% per month.


If you are a beginner, you should understand all the words in the investor’s vocabulary. And it is very important to understand what they are talking about in the field of investment.

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