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Investor strategies and rules

Ⓜ️ Good day. In this article, I would like to discuss the basic investor rules and strategies. How to act correctly in order to make money on investment sites and not lose money. There are obligatory investor rules that everyone who comes into the internet earning industry should know. Often, many people begin to understand and study the theory only after they have lost a decent amount of money. I really hope that you are reading this article, simply because you are a beginner, and not for the reason that you are already left with empty pockets.

Investor rules

So, let’s figure it out. Below we will consider the basic rules of investor who decided to try to invest and make money on investment projects.


  1. The first and most important rule is not to invest borrowed funds . Consider this type of earnings as an opportunity for profit as well as losses. You can lose money and this should not hit your main wallet in any way.
  2. The second rule is to determine the size of the investment . I advise you to stick to a predetermined budget. Do not investing large sums at once. Learn how this area works with minimal investment. One of the dumb steps is investing the funds that your family needs on a daily basis. Never invest your last money with the hope of quick and easy earnings. Even if it seems to you that the risk of losing is minimized, and the percentage of profit is very attractive, something can go wrong. Often, people think that they are definitely lucky, and in most cases this leads to the loss of money, and sometimes cars and apartments.
  3. Risk Diversification . It is better to divide the investment portfolio among several platforms, giving preference to the more recent ones. It is advisable to have at least three projects for investment. By doing this, you reduce your risks. Even if you lose in one of the projects, the profit from others will cover this loss.
  4. One of the most difficult rules is to to say STOP on time. In most cases, greed pushes people to lose money. Everyone wants to receive a stable lifetime income, but they forget that projects can stop payments at any time. Or rather, they remember it at the moment of scam. In this case, always remember the saying: a tit in the hand is better than a pie in the sky. It is better to stay with less profit than lose everything at the end. Greed is the worst enemy in such a risky business as investing.

Rules on the investment site

  1. Ignore generous promotions . Most likely, they are launched before closing the project. Example: raising percent of deposits, money contests, active imposing on the opening of a new deposit.
  2. You shouldn’t leave money on the project balance . Ideally, you need to display the entire balance of your cabinet to zero. I also advise you to invest in tariff plans with daily withdrawals. Do not be fooled by big profits with a long investment period, without the possibility of withdrawing funds during the work of the tariff plan. When project go to scam, you will simply be left with nothing.
  3. It is not worth increasing the deposit after the investment circle . Optimal is to put large sums to work for one term. Then, if you want, you can reinvest smaller amounts.

Tip from Monetka

Never hesitate to consult with more experienced players. You can always contact me for help in private messages telegram or via a connection convenient for you.

Tips for saving money

Many people think that the earlier they invested in a project, the more chances they have for making a profit. It does not always work out in life like this. Project administrators are well aware of all the tactics and tricks of investors, and specifically rely on the fact that investors will invest in the platform from the start. The created platform pays off very quickly, and sometimes even a few days after the purchase of advertising. And in the future there is no longer any point in working. Below I have provided a few signs that will help you to avoid losses.

Be careful if you see something like this:

  1. Attractive investment conditions, namely very profitable plans that people go to without hesitation.
  2. A huge amount of advertising for the project itself from the start. The project is spoken about on every corner.
  3. Many people invest large sums from the start (over $ 1000). Perhaps these are fake contributions paid for advertising by the administration.
  4. Excellent referral system and very high referral commission (over 15%).
  5. Large insurance coverage from a large number of advertisers.

Investment projects are a highly risky type of income. Therefore, I highly recommend applying these rules. You can easily make money using them.

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Investor strategies

There are several strategies for investor behavior to make a profit. Which one you choose will your decision.

Strategy №1. Hit and Run

It just sounds like “Hitran”. It is considered a classic strategy for making money. The translation from English means “take and run”. The essence of the scheme is simple: an investor invests funds for a minimum period and takes everything out of the project with the first profit, every penny. It is suitable for high-yield sites. The optimal entrance is at the very beginning of the project. It looks like: invested, took and left. This method is as safe as possible. After making a profit, the investor chooses a different platform, and the strategy is repeated in the same way. It’s good that there are a lot of projects, and there is no need to wait for the opening of a new deposit.

On my blog, I choose exceptionally high quality platforms that work for more than one day, and are not designed for a quick scam.

Strategy №2. Tracking

This method is used by more experienced investors, who begin to conduct a detailed analysis of the project after the start. The meaning of this strategy is not to invest from the very start at random, but to study the platform in detail . Namely: the speed of payments, and amount of investments, the speed of buying new advertising, feedback from investors, as well as the technical side of the project. Only after you are convinced of the correct development and see the positive dynamics of investments over a certain period, you can invest in this platform. If this strategy is for you, my advice is not to hesitate too long and not to invest at the end of the project. This strategy is suitable for more experienced and patient people who study their prey like hunters and try to protect themselves as much as possible.

Strategy №3. Overclocking

Highly risky tactics, and if successful will bring you a big jackpot . If you are a beginner and still poorly versed in investments, then it is better to practice on other strategies, otherwise you risk losing your funds. The essence of the method lies in the fact that the user very often reinvests his deposits. In a short time, the investor accelerates them to the maximum possible amount, and then tries to exit the project on time. The most important rule is not to play too much. If you exit the project, do not go into it again, no matter how you would like it. A large number of investment platforms are opened every day, so it is better to pay attention to a new project. The problem is that it is difficult for an ordinary investor to choose a worthy platform that will work for a long time and on which this scheme can be tried.

Strategy №4. Dual Account

This strategy is used only in order to get an increased referral commission from the project. This is a type of cascade investing. The bottom line is that you create two or more accounts under the same name, that is, for yourself. Most monitors and blogs pay a lower refback when re-depositing. By creating a second account, you can avoid this, namely, get 100% refback twice in a row. That is why you can register both for yourself and under different blogs to get that very increased refback. A big plus of the strategy is the additional income due to the increased refback. But there are also downsides to the strategy. In many projects, the creation of multi accounts is prohibited and punished up to account blocking.


In this article, we have discussed investor rules and strategies that both novice and experienced investment players should follow. We also analyzed investment strategies. Sometimes in different projects you need to choose your own strategy, and my advice is not to stick to only one strategy, but try to apply them all, and try to do it wisely. If you still have questions, I will be happy to help you figure them out.


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