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How much does it cost to create an investment platform?

How much does it cost to create a high-quality investment platform? I would like to devote a whole article to this question. Well-prepared platform is that helps the creator and investors earn good money.

A high-quality project should provide an opportunity to earn a minimum for those investors who were invest firstly. This is called one investment circle. Before opening a deposit, it is necessary to competently approach the study of information about the project, as well as the conditions of its work. After all, it is quality that depends on success.

The more funds are invested in the creation of the project, the more financial results creator wants to get.

The creation of a project begins long before the first investor finds out about it. The administrator needs time to prepare the site. It is also necessary to test the performance of the platform. He needs to agree with a large number of people about work and think over a development plan.

The first stage of creating a unique investment site

The platform is created step by step. Let’s take a look at the steps from start to finish.

  1. Administrator starts with design firstly. He submits an application to a professional designer to create unique content. Site design is the visual design of the pages of the future site. This stage takes about 3-4 weeks. Average cost is from $ 500 to $ 5000.
  2. After the design approved by the creator, the project is given for layout. Layout is a description by the program code of the visual part of the future site. The layout designer’s work takes about 2-3 weeks. Estimated cost is from $ 500 to $ 3000.
  3. The third stage of project creation is the work of the programmer. He is responsible for the functionality of the project, namely:
  • site performance as a whole;
  • correct click-through rate for each button on the site;
  • correct connection of payment systems;
  • correct calculation, as well as timely accrual of interest for each tariff plan.

* The work of a programmer is one of the most important. After all, the safety of the project’s funds dependsit is on him, as well as the full operability of the site. Therefore, it is very important to work only with a trusted person. Usually, only the programmer is in touch with the project administrator for the entire life cycle of the platform. Only he is in touch 24/7 and helps in solving any issues that arise in the course of work. Professional programmer services start from $ 1000. Estimated time for platform preparation is one month.

The creation of an investment project is impossible without these three stages.

The second stage of creating an investment project

The creator must spend a lot of money on a quality project. The better it is done, the more money is spent. Accordingly, the more profit the project can give. These signs can be really checked by every investor:

  • Unique and high-quality design of a working website, as well as a user-friendly interface of a personal account. At this point, I would like to note the availability of an available balance and an amount of withdrawals for each payment system.
  • Domain registration with dedicated server. Approximate cost from $ 200 for one month.
  • Availability of Green Bar. If available, you can find a green lock in the address bar of the site. It costs about $ 500.
  • Purchase of advertising materials for social networks. Namely: buying banners, pictures to maintain content, video presentations and much more. The approximate initial cost is $ 500.


Approximate preparation time is two to three months . The approximate amount of creating a unique platform from $ 3000.

Buy Ads

One of the main issues in creating a good project is its promotion. Namely, buying advertising. The main waste of money falls on this part.

An important stage is the smooth development of the platform. Do not forget that all projects work according to the Ponzi scheme. Administrator needs a constant flow of funds for the site work. There should be more new deposits every day. Also, they must completely cover the payments. Buying high-value advertising also speaks of the intentions of a good job. Sources of attracting investors are:

  • advertising from financial bloggers;
  • buying articles for press releases;
  • posting information on economic forums;
  • advertising in Google adv, Yandex Direct;
  • promoting the project around the world.


The estimated cost of buying an ad does not have a maximum value. Starting price is around $3000.

Signs of a Good Investment Platform

When analyzing an investment platform, every investor should pay attention to:

  • A well-thought-out marketing plan with little profitability. The maximum allowable profit percentage is up to 3% per day. A large percentage is almost impossible to manage for administrator. Such platforms only work for a few days. Or they are designed to collect money.
  • Lack of cryptocurrency conversion. It means the exchange of a token for dollars when opening a deposit. And the reverse conversion of fiat funds into cryptocurrency upon withdrawal. A cryptocurrency deposit must not be linked to a dollar. With the growth of the rate, the investor may remain in a big minus.
  • Availability of technical support on the website, as well as in social networks. She must instantly resolve all issues. Professionals must be qualified and courteous. Otherwise, it could negatively affect investor confidence.

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The downside of an investment platform is difficult and risky. The administrator spends from $ 6000 to create a unique project. It also takes a lot of time and effort, because sometimes you have to work around the clock. In case of failure, he can lose a round amount of money. Also, many creators want to give all investors a chance to make good money. They put a lot of effort into creating a top project, as well as promoting it.

A quality investment platform works according to the rule of scale: if it is larger, then it is cooler. A well-prepared platform will give you more chances for a good profit. Take the time to look at social networks, investor reviews, as well as the availability of payments on the forums. Feel free to ask investors additional questions. And also I am always near with you – Monetka. I am always open to communication and ready to help my referrals.


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