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3 Best Cryptocurrency Mining Software

It’s not enough just to build a farm based on video cards or ASIC miners to start mining cryptocurrencies. You also need to run and properly configure a program for mining digital assets. I figure out how to choose them and start using them.

You should understand what kind of cryptocurrency you are going to mine before you decide on a mining program. In addition, it is worth understanding the expediency of mining alone. In most cases, it can be problematic to achieve results alone, especially when it comes to popular cryptocurrencies with a large capitalization.

For example, if you are going to mine bitcoin using a single ASIC (or FPGA) device, then most likely you will not be able to earn anything. And if we talk about conventional processors, then the chances are even lower. Therefore, all software for mining a coin alone is also an application for mining in a pool. This is such a network association of miners, which makes a supercomputer out of single devices that performs tasks much more efficiently. The reward is shared between all network members.

In addition, it is worth considering platforms for mining separately. These are services that allow you to mine cryptocurrencies in the cloud. Users rent the power of the data center with mining equipment and pay for the use of the equipment. And they keep the reward for mining.


It is a professional program for mining bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

CGMiner has deservedly been on the first line of the top “Best mining programs” for many years. You can install it on systems running WIndows or Linux via GitHub. Downloading ready-made executable files from other sources can be dangerous. Attackers can embed malware into them. In order to start using CGMiner, you need to have several skills. You should be able to:

  1. work on the Windows or Linux command line;
  2. download files from a repository on GitHub;
  3. compile the downloaded code following the instructions.

In other words, it will not be easy to set up a mining program from scratch without experience with GitHub. However, this knowledge will not be superfluous. In addition, you are unlikely to break something.

The CGMiner interface is also missing. All configuration and management of the program comes from the command line. This allows you to allocate maximum system resources for mining. GitHub provides a comprehensive guide on setting up a program to mine not only Bitcoin, but also Litecoin with Dogecoin.

The key features of CGMiner include customization flexibility. The program can be configured both for mining alone and for working in a pool (or even in several pools). In addition, CGMiner can be used with different devices.

For convenient configuration of CGMiner, you can create an executable file with the “bat” extension. This way you can just run it to start mining automatically instead of manually typing commands every time.

Pros of CGMiner

  • compatibility with different devices;
  • the ability to connect to the pool, or mine alone;
  • the ability to mine several types of cryptocurrencies.

Cons of CGMiner

  • high entry threshold;
  • no interface.

Alternative to CGMiner

Another popular program for mining on a laptop or regular home computer is BFGMiner. It is in many ways similar to CGMiner and shares all its pros and cons. Working in BFGMiner is arranged in much the same way: it is an application that works on the command line and allows you to both connect to the pool and mine alone.


MultiMiner a simple program for mining on a home computer.

After the previous program, it seems that mining is a very difficult task. It seems that for which you need not only to invest a lot of money, but also to have a fairly high level of computer literacy. However, it is not. There are also simpler applications for beginners.

One such program is MultiMiner. This is an application with a simple and clear interface, which even a person who cannot work on the command line will understand. At the same time, the program has a fairly wide functionality, thanks to which it can be customized.

You can download MultiMiner from GitHub. Unlike the previous program, there is no need to do anything manually here. You just need to download the exe file for Windows. Under Linux, the program can be built by downloading the tar.gz archive.

After installing MultiMiner, the program will prompt you to run a setup wizard that will help you prepare for mining. The application supports a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and hardware. In addition, the program can calculate the current income from mining at the current exchange rate and other variables.

You can also connect to mining pools through MultiMiner. Or mine alone. The application page on GitHub provides comprehensive installation and configuration instructions.

Pros of MultiMiner

  • compatibility with different devices;
  • the ability to connect to the pool, or mine alone;
  • the ability to mine several types of cryptocurrencies;
  • convenient graphical interface.

Cons of MultiMiner

  • slightly less settings compared to more advanced tools;
  • requires a little more resources to work.

Alternative to MultiMiner

EasyMiner is as a program similar to MultiMiner. This application also has a graphical interface, it can also work with different coins and devices. Unlike MultiMiner, EasyMiner officially works only under Windows. But you can find a version under Ubuntu as well.


Shamining – service for mining in the cloud.

Finally, if mining alone or in a pool seems pointless to you, and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on creating a farm, then you can turn to cloud mining. In fact, there are quite a few platforms for mining cryptocurrencies remotely, but Shamining is most often cited in the ratings.

This service allows you to rent the power of specialized devices for mining cryptocurrencies in a remote data center. The process is arranged as follows: first you need to register on the site, then select the desired contract (rent the required capacity). After that, your account will be credited with mining profit corresponding to the rented power.

Naturally, starting to mine cryptocurrency in the cloud will not work for free. Mining platforms call this process an investment and offer to invest in rent, receiving back an amount equal to the investment multiplied by a factor of 1.43. The minimum investment amount is $500, and the cost of 1 gigahash per second starts from $0.0106.

Pros of Shamining

  • lower price compared to creating your own farm;
  • mining takes place remotely – no need to set up a farm at home or rent a room;
  • if you believe the creators of the service, then the profit is higher compared to mining on your own.

Сons of Shamining

  • there is no guarantee that your investment will be repaid – you can sell equipment on your farm, but the rent is not returned;
  • cloud mining services are not trusted among crypto enthusiasts – there are fraudulent ones among them.

Alternative Shamining

In addition to Shamining, there are dozens of other services that offer to rent the power of a mining farm and receive passive income. Among the largest are, for example, Ecos, NiceHash and Storm Gain. All of them have the same pros and cons.


How to start mining on a home computer?

To start mining on your home computer, you need to have enough powerful hardware. In addition, you need to install a program for mining. However, the efficiency of your PC in mining cryptocurrencies will be lower than that of a professional farm. Especially when it comes to popular cryptocurrencies with large capitalization.

What can be mined on a regular computer?

On a regular computer, if you wish, you can mine at least bitcoins. The problem is that the efficiency of a conventional system will be lower than a professional farm. Therefore, you should think about either creating your own farm, or joining a pool, or renting data center facilities.

What coins can be mined on the processor?

On the processor, you can mine many cryptocurrencies – the same bitcoins. The problem is that the effectiveness of this method will be scanty compared to a professional farm. Therefore, you should think about either creating your own farm, or joining a pool, or renting data center facilities.

Disclaimer: This article is not investment advice. Assess the risks yourself before making any investment decisions.
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